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    16 Boyfriends Who Have Discovered The Secret To A Long-Lasting Relationship

    These guys are keepers.

    1. The boyfriend who woke his girlfriend up with a surprise:

    2. The boyfriend who asked his girlfriend to send him a very specific kind of photo:

    3. The boyfriend who selflessly risked it all for his true love:

    4. The boyfriend who knew the perfect homing call to make:

    5. The boyfriend who was a true innovator:

    6. The boyfriend who knew the right thing to say:

    7. This very poetic boyfriend:

    I told my girlfriend I wrote her a poem but it was just the theme song to King of Queens.

    8. This boyfriend who brought a token of his affection:

    9. The man who was willing to go the extra mile to prove his love:

    10. The boyfriend who attempted to surprise his girlfriend:

    11. The boyfriend who made this very sweet video:

    In the middle of having a heart to heart conversation my boyfriend unexpectedly sends me this screen recording...

    12. The boyfriend who brought his partner back a souvenir:

    13. The boyfriend who didn't want to miss an opportunity:

    14. The boyfriend who wanted to enjoy some culture with his girlfriend:

    15. The boyfriend who absolutely followed his girlfriend's instructions:

    16. And the boyfriend who sent a romantic "good morning" text:

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