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    19 Boyfriends Who Are Assholes β€” But, Like, Really Funny Assholes

    But hey, they tried... sort of.

    1. The boyfriend who bought this thoughtful gift:

    u/coming__up__milhouse / Via

    2. The boyfriend who was asked to prepare a dish for a potluck dinner:

    u/LadyMacDeath / Via

    3. The boyfriend who brought his girlfriend exactly what she asked for:

    4. This boyfriend's solution to his partner wanting to cuddle more:

    u/kakozlow / Via

    5. The boyfriend who gave his girlfriend a gift after she passed her driver's test:

    u/xoombini / Via

    6. The boyfriend who sent his girlfriend this video:

    In the middle of having a heart to heart conversation my boyfriend unexpectedly sends me this screen recording...

    7. The boyfriend who didn't think he needed to replace the toilet paper (and apparently goes to the bathroom with a Sharpie?):

    u/tegdirbm / Via

    8. The boyfriend who replaced the toilet paper with a lint roller:

    u/SirTitsworthEsq / Via

    9. The boyfriend who was not operating on the same wavelength as his girlfriend:

    10. The boyfriend who hid this clown cutout around the house for his partner to find:

    u/dawnkyung / Via

    11. The boyfriend who committed this crime against chocolate:

    12. The boyfriend who bought this card for Valentine's Day:

    u/katiepeel / Via

    13. The boyfriend who asked his girlfriend this question:

    So this morning I was hanging out with my boyfriend and he turned to me and said "who do you think will get married first, me or you?"

    14. The boyfriend who sent this romantic note with flowers:

    u/vanrapist / Via

    15. The boyfriend who made this joke to his girlfriend's mom:

    My mom scored 69 points in Scrabble and my boyfriend said "Nice" and now she's staring at him over her reading glasses without saying anything. Okay everybody, Happy Holidays.

    16. The boyfriend who brought his girlfriend a jar of... pistachio shells:

    My bf brought me back a jar of sea shells from his Spring Break trip to Florida and idk how to tell him that some are pistachio shells

    17. The boyfriend who pranked his girlfriend by decorating her car:

    u/Soot_n_Poo / Via

    18. The boyfriend whose girlfriend asked him to make sure her tortoise "stayed out of trouble":

    u/Consent_van / Via

    19. And the boyfriend who left a sweet note on the fridge:

    u/Gingerhead17 / Via

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