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19 Hilarious Tweets About The Typical Canadian Experience

"Being Canadian means never having to apologize for saying sorry."

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1. On health care:

If you're Canadian, sure, you get universal health care, but you also must live in mortal fear of the smell of burnt toast

2. On fashion:

The problem with Halloween in Canada is that you need to find a way to fit your costume under your huge coat.

3. On entertainment options:

Thinkstock / Via Twitter: @AndrewBarr8

4. On that one guy that ~everyone~ knows:

Overheard a conversation amongst girls about "the biggest fuckboy in Parry Sound" at the hortons. Ten bucks his name is Dustin.

5. On common occurrences:

Typical Canadian Conversation: "Well that's somethin there." "Oh yeah." "OH yeah." "OHHH yeah." "OOOOHHHHHHHHHH--" *both turn into kettles*

6. On weather:

7. On how to react to winter:

Helpful Canadian tips for snow-bound Americans: - just chill out - have a beer - lots of games on tonight

8. On Canadian content:

Canada needs to stop just ripping off American shows. There's Bachelor Canada. Amazing Race Canada. What next? Good Morning America Canada?

9. On national identity:

Thinkstock / Via Twitter: @KalvinMacleod

10. On the worst place in the country:

Toronto is the least liked city in Canada. Not to be a dick, but everyone who voted against us: have you been to barrie?

11. On Canadian women:

It's GIRLS' NIGHT! Lololol you know what that means!* ;) ;) ;) *discussing Canada's increasingly worrisome foreign policy *also manicures

12. On what sets us apart:

Thinkstock / Via Twitter: @brookeperrin

13. On Canadian TV:

Dance like no one is watching? In that case, dance like you're on a Canadian TV show.

14. On sports events:

Is watching the Super Bowl really worth it in Canada when we don't even get the awesome commercials?

15. On Canadian currency:

Is the Canadian dollar so bad cuz we're all losers?

16. On Canada Day:

"Happy birthday, America. Oh, our birthday? Yea, it was a few days ago. You forgot again. It's fine." - Canada

17. On citizenship requirements:

You're not a real Canadian until you've slipped on ice while changing the Shania Twain song on your phone.

18. On car accidents:

Guy apologized to me after I hit *his* car in a parking lot then a woman skied past me as I drove home, and THAT'S how I know I'm in Canada.

19. And on texting like a Canadian:

Concerned Children's Advertisers / Via Twitter: @renbostelaar