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    Posted on Jul 24, 2017

    17 Sweet, Wholesome Tumblr Posts That'll Brighten Your Day

    The world can be so nice sometimes.

    1. These birthday pals:

    2. This determined greeting:

    3. This reassuring feline:

    4. This kind thought:

    5. This concerned boy:

    6. This sneaky prankster:

    7. This good Samaritan:

    8. This beautiful love story:

    9. This important fact:

    10. This proud gardener:

    11. These flustered romantics:

    12. These public transportation riders:

    13. These altered lyrics:

    14. This message from the future:

    15. This uplifting perspective:

    16. These fun-loving teens:

    17. And this new take on some old standards:

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