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    Updated on Oct. 19, 2018. Posted on Mar. 2, 2016

    Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Tumblr Posts About Canadian Stereotypes

    "I always dismissed Canadian stereotypes, and then I remembered that my friend has canoed to my house."

    1. When we embraced Canadian cuisine:

    2. When we didn't let the weather ruin our fun:

    3. When it was practically spring:

    4. I mean, really, you guys, it's just a little bit of cold:

    5. When we were sorry:

    6. When we were SO sorry:

    7. When we were SO, SO SO-RRY:

    8. When we had to figure out what to wear (or "where") on Halloween:

    9. When we sang a jaunty tune:

    10. When we were polite:

    11. When we loved hockey:

    12. When we REALLY loved hockey:

    13. When we really loved hockey but were still very polite:

    14. When we named our radio stations:

    15. When there was an emergency at school:

    16. When we loved our coffee:

    17. When we were tough on crime:

    18. SO tough on crime, you guys:

    19. When we knew what was delicious:

    20. When we cut out the middle man:

    21. When we were easily startled:

    22. When we rocked out in the most Canadian way:

    23. When we knew the best method of transportation:

    24. And when we injured ourselves, but we have universal healthcare anyway, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:

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