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    19 Totally True Food Facts That'll Make You Say "That Can't Be Right, Can It?"

    Carrots can be purple?!

    1. Lemons float and limes sink.

    G-stockstudio / Getty Images

    Limes are more dense than lemons, so they sink to the bottom when put in water, while lemons float around at the top.

    2. And a can of Coke will sink, while a can of Diet Coke will float.

    The sugar in the regular Coke makes it more dense than Diet Coke, so it falls to the bottom.

    3. Oranges aren't always orange; sometimes they're green.

    Javier Morales / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: javmorcas

    4. Scientists have made diamonds out of peanut butter.

    Sorawat_c / Getty Images

    A German TV station asked scientist Dan Frost if he and his team could use extreme pressure to turn carbon-rich peanut butter into a diamond. It worked, although the process also released a lot of hydrogen that then destroyed the experiment (whoops).

    5. Carrots were originally yellow or purple.

    Denise Jones / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: bestforjuicing

    Dutch carrot-growers of the 17th century eventually cultivated carrots into the orange color we're used to.

    6. Almonds aren't nuts; they're actually tree seeds.

    Gancino / Getty

    But only raw, unroasted almonds can turn into trees. Almonds you buy from the store probably can't grow into trees.

    7. All the different colors of Froot Loops have the exact same flavor.

    Rosana Prada / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: zanastardust

    8. Fruity Pebbles are just puffed-up grains of rice.

    They add the color and flavoring later.

    9. Loofahs are actually made out of gourds.

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    Joloei / Getty Images

    10. Green peppers are just unripe red and yellow peppers.

    Olga_danylenko / Getty Images

    11. Cashews grow on cashew apples.

    Quangpraha / Getty Images

    12. And pineapples grow on plants, like this.

    zilupe / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: zilupe

    13. Peanuts grow underground and look like this when they're pulled up.

    Clint Thompson / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ugacommunications

    14. Brussels sprouts grow on stalks.

    Debbie LaValley / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 34155736@N07

    15. Artichokes bloom into flowers if left to grow long enough.

    Neil Bromhall / Via

    16. Honey stays good forever; you could open up a 3,000-year-old jar of honey and still eat it.

    Metkalova / Getty Images

    17. Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are not actually berries.


    18. But bananas, watermelons, avacodos, tomatoes, and pumpkins are berries.

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    19. Oh, and you know oysters? Yeah, they're usually still alive when you eat them.

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