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    Updated on Nov. 6, 2019. Posted on Apr. 29, 2017

    18 People Who Were Awkward As Heck But Lived To Tell The Tale

    "One time, this kid in my class sneezed and I said, 'Goodnight.'"

    1. This undeniable romantic:

    2. This hungry teen:

    3. This polite classmate:

    4. This enthusiastic partygoer:

    5. This affable swimmer:

    6. This experimenting chef:

    7. This unimpressed blonde:

    8. This panicked student:

    9. This young foodie:

    10. This eager learner:

    11. This discerning customer:

    12. This fashion expert:

    13. This poor, trapped soul:

    14. This clumsy fella, and his savior:

    15. This polite shopper:

    16. This nervous ladies' man:

    17. All of these garbled speakers:

    18. And this girl, who endured years of embarrassment but still survived:

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