17 People Who Thought Bryan Adams Covered Taylor Swift's "1989"

    They thought it was the summer of '89.

    This week, singer and musician Ryan Adams released an entire cover album of Taylor Swift's 1989.

    And it's really, really good.

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    Adams' album (like its source of inspiration) is getting rave reviews from critics. (You can listen to the whole album on YouTube.)

    But there are a certain number of people who think the album is from Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams.

    1. Some people were super stoked about their (incorrect) discovery.

    wait why did I only find out by now that bryan adams covers taylor swift's whole album asdfh I love him


    Bad blood by taylor swift sung by bryan adams #goodchoice #superb!!


    Alright where's this Bryan Adams cover of Taylor Swift's 1989 y'all are talking about

    4. Some were unimpressed with Bryan's (nonexistent) cover album.

    Bryan Adams covering Taylor Swift, can't decide if this is extremely good or a bit rubbish, I think he should go back to the summer of '69.


    I can't believe Bryan Adams is making a comeback by covering Taylor Swift. Has she covered his hit "Summer of 69"?


    Bryan Adams covering Taylor Swift whatever next.


    kind of sad bryan adams is covering taylor swift albums. his robin hood song was sweet


    Wow Bryan Adams has released all his covers of Taylor Swift songs #SharkJumped


    The only thing I care about less than Bryan Adams, is Taylor Swift.

    10. Some felt (unwarranted) senses of superiority for (not) knowing about the album.

    I'm pretty sure there are some people who don't realize that Bryan Adams' 1989 is based on a Taylor Swift album.

    11. Others were disappointed to discover their mistake.

    Who else thought that @bryanadams was covering #1989, @taylorswift13 can you make that happen? I'm a little disappointed...


    I thought Bryan Adams was going to cover Taylor Swift's 1989. I was semi-stoked for that.


    Up until today I was under the impression that it was Bryan Adams who was covering Taylor Swift's 1989 album


    I was curious about Ryan Adams' cover of Taylor Swift's album "1989" only to find out that Ryan Adams and Bryan Adams are different people.


    GUYS. this whole time I thought it was Bryan Adams covering Taylor Swift.


    Oh wait. Ryan Adams covered Taylor Swift, not Bryan Adams? I see why everyone's upset now.

    17. And some were wrong even when the answer was literally right in front of them.

    https://t.co/ljvu9GZgCp 1989 Bryan Adams version of @taylorswift13 's "Wildest Dreams.

    Oh, honey.

    We don't know about you, but now we're jonesing for a Bryan Adams–Taylor Swift mashup.

    Until that happens, though, we'll have to make do with Bryan Adams' new single, "You Belong to Me."

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    Maybe Taylor can cover this, hmmmm?