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BBC Three's Live Blog Was The Best Thing About The "Sherlock" Victorian Special

"halp" – @bbcthree

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After a two year hiatus, Sherlock finally returned with a highly anticipated one-off Christmas special (sort of) set in Victorian England.

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Opinion about "The Abominable Bride" was largely divided, as critics and fans continue to debate whether the episode was good or not and its problematic approach to feminism.

One thing, however, can be deduced: No one, and I mean NO ONE, was more excited about the special than BBC Three, which proceeded to live blog the entire endeavour.

Its official Twitter and Tumblr feeds are a gift to humanity.

Waiting on @bbcone for tonight's Sherlock episode like...

Less than three hours to go... #help

It was just as dead as we were in the countdown towards the episode.


It was there for us, providing words of wisdom and blankets of shock.

Once it began, it had gifs and memes for any and every occasion.

It's HAPPENING!! This is how @bbcone is probably feeling right now #Sherlock

We'll give it to Mary, that was quite an entrance. #Sherlock


John casually leaping to Sherlock's defence #mmmyes

"All emotion is abhorrent to me." Oh, Sherlock.

"Why don't you two just elope for god's sake?!" #Sherlock

It understood the importance of purple to the fandom.

🍆🍇🔮🍇🍆☔️🔮🍇🍆☔️🔮🍇🍆☔️🔮🍇🍆☔️🔮 🍇☔️🍇🍆🍇PURPLE DRESSING GOWN🍇🍆🍇☔️🍇 🍆🍇🔮🍇🍆☔️🔮🍇🍆☔️🔮🍇🍆☔️🔮🍇🍆☔️🔮

And engaged in some flirty and otherwise mildly suggestive banter with BBC One.

It knew when it needed help.

Did John Watson just dashingly rescue Sherlock... inside Sherlock's mind waterfall? #Sherlock

And asked for it when it all got too much.

We would like to advocate this pretty cool alternative... #Sherlock

And was generally as much of a mess as we were by the end of the 90 minutes.

"You've been reading John's blog, the story of how you met!" 😭😭😭 #Sherlock

That. Was. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a few decades to wait til the next series (:

Never change, BBC Three.

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