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24 Hilariously True Tweets For Retail Workers About The Plastic Bag Charge

"When you ask customers if they need a carrier bag for 5p and they look at you as if you've just killed their cat."

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some woman today refused to pay 5p bag n walked away with huge pile of clothes, turned round to me and said 'hope ur happy' I was in tears


When the customer argues with you about having to pay 5p for a bag like it was your decision


I told a customer she would have to pay for a 5p bag she wanted. She looked at me, deadly serious, and goes 'everyone is against me today'


When the customer buys hundreds of pounds worth of shopping and refuses to pay 5p for a bag


a customer tried to tell me it was illegal to charge him 5p for a bag, which is literally the opposite of the truth


Can customers who complain about the 5p bag charge just not, it's the law take it up w David Cameron PLS


If someone complains about paying 5p for a bag at me this week I will suffocate them with it ok


When customers complain about the 5p bag charge and suggest then you should use paper bags like Primark 🙄


If one more customer asks me for a free paper bag, I will literally ask them to fashion one out the pages in the book they just bought.


When you ask customers f they need a carrier bag for 5p and they look at you as if you've just killed their cat


When customers try to blame you for the 5p bag charge. I'm not the bloody government representative i just work in a shop


Swear some people would rather lay down their lives than pay 5p for a carrier bag.


Some customers that come to my shop are mad cheap, believe someone wanted a refund on their card for a 5p bag???


customers are generally stealing the baskets because they don't want to pay 5p for a bag, is this actually happening


Seeing people juggling 10 different things at tesco because they don't want to pay 5p for a bag makes me die a little bit inside 😑


The 5p charge for a bag makes my job 10x harder


A elderly couple came in the shop today and had used a paper McDonald's bag to put their stuff in instead of paying 5p for a bag


Literally love working in retail and seeing people's faces when I ask if they want a 5p bag after they've spent about £200 priceless. 😂


When a customer threatens you because you charged him 5p for a bag


Ppl doin £300 shops but 5p for a bag ohhhhh helllll nooo


White people are weird, they'll pay £12.99 for a potato masher, but cry at a 5p bag charge


Can't believe someone actually came back to the till at work to refund a 5p bag because they realised they didn't need it


People are getting so upset about a 5p carrier bag charge. THERE ARE PEOPLE DYING IN THE WORLD FROM STARVATION


I also had the shortest conversation today: Me: hi would you like a 5p bag? Customer: Are they free? and that was that

Stay strong, retail workers.

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