These Photos Of Underwater Creatures Will Blow Your Mind

Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter. Warning: Some of these might give you the willies.

Photographer and scientific diver Alexander Semenov takes beautiful underwater images.

Alexander Semenov

His close-ups show the intricate detailing of the world’s hidden creatures, from the White Sea to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Alexander Semenov

1. There are shapes and colors you wouldn’t even imagine in such a murky place.

Cyanea capillata (aka hair of death)

Salps (aka cute party lights!)

Gorgonocephalus arcticus (aka you dropped your spaghetti on the ocean floor)

Risbecia pulchella (aka fancy airplane neck pillow)

Spirobranchus species (aka rooster comb)

Urticina felina and sea urchin Trongylocentrotus pallidus (aka Aaahh!!! Real Monsters!)

Hyperia galba eating (aka glowbutt)

Ericthonius difformis (aka the tiniest Tim Burton set)

Crinoid (aka tickly gift bow)

LIRS polychaeta (aka French tickler)

Polynoid crawler (aka a starfish’s lady bits)

12. You might recognize some old friends.

Enteroctopus dofleini (aka octopus)

Pagurus pubescens (aka you can hear the ocean in the ocean)

Cyanea (aka stay hydrated in case of a sting emergency)

Pteraster militaris (aka cutiepie starfish)

16. And jump at the creepy crawlers. (Fair warning: If you don’t like real-life nightmares, scroll really fast for a second.)

Nymphon long legs (aka walking nightmare)

Caprellas (aka fighting nightmares)

Alitta virens (aka iridescent nightmare)

Terebellidae (aka OH MY GOD)

Perinereis nuntia (aka voted most beautiful worm)

21. Mythical little creatures putter about.

Coryphella verrucosa (aka adorable slug)

Palio dubia (aka slug too cute for even Timon and Pumbaa to eat)

Ancula gibbosa (aka ghost Flubber)

Limacina species (aka snail Pegasus)

25. Some aren’t pleased about the interruption.

Myoxocephalus scorpius (aka Grumpy Gus)

Paralithodes camtschaticus (aka Thorny Thor)

27. Others don’t mind!

(bubble) “Hi!” (bubble)

28. Some look like bouquets that are pretty enough to pick (but shouldn’t because, ow!).

Crossaster (aka sunburst!)

Soft coral (aka ooh! ahh!)

Lucernaria species (aka fiber optic toy you bought at a fireworks show)

Metridium senile (aka Koosh buddies!)

32. The others we’ll just pretend are really in space.

Aurelia aurita (aka Grandma’s lampshade)

Close-up of Aurelia aurita tentacles (aka Grandma’s glasses chains)

Bolinopsis infundibulum (aka Lite-Brite whisk)

Cyanea capillata again (aka sea cabbage)

Clione limacina (aka angel monster)

Bougainvillia superciliaris with Hyperia galba (aka friends forever)

Beroe cucumis (aka space cucumber)

Mmm, space dinner!

Cyanea capillata feeding on Aurelia aurita (aka WHAT IS HAPPENING)

Alexander Semenov

Homo sapiens (aka Alexander Semenov)

But all of them show the grandeur of what lies below.

View hundreds of more images on Alexander’s site or his Flickr.

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