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29 Gifts That Are Out Of This World

Find something for your very own cosmic wanderer of any age or planetary origin.

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Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

1. This pendant with actual moon dust.

The moon dust in this necklace comes from a meteorite that fell to Earth in 2005. Only 191 lunar meteorites have been found, so it's special as well as being pretty.

2. This Valentina Tereshkova print.

Be inspired every day by the first woman in space.

3. These astronaut mitts.

NASA / Via

To protect yours when you're handling hot space matter. Or, you know, cookies.

4. This ring with meteorite and dinosaur bone.

At almost £700 this ring doesn't come cheap, but that is actual dinosaur bone and meteorite. It's Gibeon meteorite, which is the name given to a rock that exploded in the atmosphere above Africa thousands of years ago. The bone has become "agatised", meaning its cellular structure was replaced with quartz.

5. This meteorite necklace.

For a more affordable bit of meteorite to adorn yourself with, try this tektite stone necklace. Tektites are small glassy stones probably formed when a meteorite hits a rock on Earth really fast. They are usually black, like the one above, but can also vary from light green to a greenish-yellow colour.

6. This simple reminder from Carl Sagan.

mithrilandmathoms / Via

Especially when you need a reminder to not sweat the tiny stuff.

7. This iron-on patch for your little guardian of the galaxy.

MokuyobiThreads / Via

Patch not limited to tiny scientists.

8. Galaxy Duck Tape.

To fix any black hole or space rip you might find.

9. This phone case that will remind you to follow your dreams.

One day perhaps you can be a slothstronaut too.

10. This print of a globular cluster.

Terzan 5 is a star cluster in the central "bulge" of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The European Southern Observatory says its "most likely the relic of a proto-galaxy that merged with the Milky Way during its very early days."

The print comes in three different sizes.

11. A mug that brings the night sky to life.

Just add a hot drink and watch the constellations appear. (If you're outside the U.S., get it from the Science Museum shop.)

12. A cute little knitted planet.

Each one is unique so check out the full shop on Etsy for what's available (and more, like this black hole).

13. This druzy ring.

In geology, druse or druzy refers to crystals coating rock. This ring features titanium quartz druzy stones.

14. A customisable lunar phase necklace.

Choose a date that's special to you, and Lorena of Gemagenta will engrave a moon charm with the phase of the moon on that very day. Also available as cufflinks, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

15. This USB astronaut light.


For when you need just a little extra company.

16. This watch that shows the accurate orbits of planets around our sun.

Van Cleef & Arpel

Pardon the $245,000 price tag for just one second to focus on how cool this astronomical timepiece is. Made with 396 separate parts and using some fancy stones, it shows the actual orbits of the six planets closest to the sun.

Jupiter makes a full orbit after 12 years and Saturn after 29, so it's no wonder Uranus and Neptune were omitted. (Uranus takes 84 years to make a rotation and Neptune a mere 165 years).

17. This catstronaut print.

For the feline in your life who dreams of visiting the stars. Also available as a T-shirt, pillow, mug, phone case, and more.

18. This cheeky T-shirt.

Amber Ibarreche / Via

This wordplay print is unisex.

19. These outer space lollipops.


You can find even more deep space lollies here.

20. These cozy collages.

Beth Hoeckel Collage & Design
Beth Hoeckel Collage & Design

If you haven't seen Beth Hoeckel Collage & Design's offerings, they're like the luxury atmosphere trip without the gargantuan price tag. They're available in a lot of forms that can fit any space budget, like rugs, clocks, pillows, and iPad skins.

21. These slipper socks that are worn by actual NASA astronauts in space.

Suitable for pottering around the house as well as the cosmos.

22. These glow-in-the-dark pillowcases.


The moons come in purple or blue, and when you flick the lights off, the constellations appear. (Sorry, they're a pinch pricey.)

23. These tiny rocket crayons.

KagesKrayons / Via

Keep them in a jar and blank paper by your desk for inspiration or in a small tote to bring along for kids.

24. This rocket fort.

Land of Nod / Via

If you don't want to spend money for an intergalactic fort, hang your own blankets and try these DIY astronaut suits and accompanying rockets.

25. These galactic night lights.

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters

Available as a moon or a galaxy.

26. This lamp that can turn any room into a celestial party.

Glitter Guide
Glitter Guide

This laser projector lets you bring the universe home for a party or your next acid trip.

27. This Voyager spacecraft illustration.

For your daily reminder from the edge of the solar system to keep going. This Voyager schematic poster would also make a lovely gift for a spacecraft enthusiast.

28. A meteorite of your very own.

The Space Shop at Kennedy Space Center

If you really want to go all out, you can shell out for a meteorite, which is space debris that has made its way to the Earth’s surface. Meteorite hunting is very real, and rare ones can be even more valuable than gold.

To guarantee authenticity, you can find one via NASA's shop at the Kennedy Space Center for $12,000 (left), which was retrieved from a recorded fall in China in — wait for it — 1516 A.D. They also offer some for $30.

If you're into high-end bidding, look for verified meteorites at auction houses like Sotheby's and Christie's. Even eBay has some, but be cautious of anything that isn't registered with the Meteoritical Society.

29. And if you really want to impress, you can make someone this planetary cake.


Play cake god with this full tutorial.