23 Animal Selfies For Everyday Situations

    Life in the Serengeti is not so different after all.

    To get to know African wildlife better, scientists set up hundreds of motion-sensitive cameras in the Serengeti.

    If something moves in front of the trap, the camera snaps a sequence of up to three pictures. The project, Snapshot Serengeti, has taken more than a million images.

    Their study, published in Scientific Data this week, took 28,000 volunteers to sift through and analyze the images. Here are some of the best selfies.

    1. When you FaceTime your parents but they haven't quite figured out where the camera is on their phone.

    2. When you pretend not to see your ex at the party.

    3. When you send an accidental selfie in iMessage.

    4. When you see your food coming in a restaurant.

    5. When you just cannot deal with this shit anymore.

    6. When you have a new haircut that is on point.

    7. When you tipsily mutter sweet nothings into someone's ear.

    8. When you check out new shoes in the floor mirror but can't tell if they work with your whole look.

    9. When it's 3 a.m. and you just want to go home.

    10. When you see a baby animal and want to make friends with it.

    11. But get a little bit too enthusiastic.

    12. When you're not sure if someone's finished taking a photograph yet.

    13. When you try to get out of bed hungover but immediately regret it.

    14. When you fall asleep with wet hair and wake up a mess.

    15. When your little brother just won't stop pestering you.

    16. When you accidentally summon your Patronus.

    17. When your squad coordinates outfits perfectly.

    18. When you realize you've left the oven on.

    19. When you try to have a very sincere conversation with someone while drunk.

    20. When you smelt it but don't know who dealt it.

    21. When you're about to bring the clapback on Twitter.

    22. When you have vanquished your enemies.

    23. When you just can't wait to be king.

    For even more captures, go to Snapshop Serengeti's site, or search the forums here.

    H/T Deutche Welle