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    The Newest "Parks And Rec" Blooper Reel Is Here

    Starring Li'l Sebastian as everyone. Spoilers ahead.

    The latest season of Parks and Recreation's gag reel has arrived.

    NBC / Via

    And it's as spectacular as Ron Swanson's moves.

    It features everyone as what appears to be the beloved Li'l Sebastian back from the dead in the opening credits.

    NBC / Via

    Even staying true to form with Ron's rogue pose and Andy's guitar.

    There's the painful story of Andy's entrance into the world.

    NBC / Via

    And the delight of seeing the usually stoic Nick Offerman breaking.

    It also includes more of Leslie's ultimate gift to Ben.

    NBC / Via

    And more of Adam Scott's best Game of Thrones impressions.

    Get your fill until the last season starts up.

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