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    21 Things Only Clash Of Clans Players Will Understand


    1. If you play Clash of Clans, you live in another world.

    2. You're incredibly proud of your little village.

    3. Waiting for things to build feels like an eternity.

    4. Which makes finding a gem box a magical surprise each time.

    5. You hate this screen because you never know if it'll bring good or bad news.

    6. And feel helpless when you watch your village being attacked live.

    7. Even Liam Neeson knows the burning desire of revenge.

    8. You try to subtly sneak in attacks when no one is looking.

    9. And carefully scout the enemy territory well before it's time for war.

    10. Which means you may or may not be glued to your device from time to time.

    11. When it's time, you find it hard to explain why you need to do this battle immediately.

    12. When you demolish another base, you're so elated you feel like you're on drugs.

    13. And you want to high-five a million people.

    14. You know the pain of being a few hits short of a star during an attack.

    15. And get unreasonably upset when you don't get as many stars as you wanted in a war.

    16. Especially if you accidentally drop the wrong troop at the wrong time.

    17. But when you do three-star the enemy, this is what your clan looks like:

    18. And you love when other members notice you did well.

    19. You forget about how old everyone else in the clan is until someone mentions an algebra test.

    20. And if you get into a fight in the chat, you completely regress.

    21. But you feel a special camaraderie with those who stick around.