Here Are 56 Of The Best TikTok Dogs Ever

    Can confirm that they are all very good bois!

    🔊🔊🔊Turn on your volume! 🔊🔊🔊

    1. This ~Shaggy~ compilation:

    2. This pup who's just thinkin' about ~boys~:

    3. This excellent headbanger:

    4. This staircase sweetie:

    5. This earbud bb:

    6. The fork in the garbage disposal one, obviously:

    7. Fido, but with a filter:

    8. This never-before-seen footage from "Mission Impossible":

    9. This pup just pumpin' it up:

    10. This dancing doggo compilation:

    11. This extremely excellent use of slo-mo:

    12. This mini Luke Christopher music vid:

    13. The LMFAO mashup you've been waiting for:

    14. This pickup artist:

    15. This excellent edit:

    16. This little scrambler:

    17. This hound who's all ears:

    18. This one of Rocco with the man bun:

    19. This hard worker:

    20. This "Sugar" remix:

    21. This startled husky:

    22. This spot-on Bieber impression:

    23. This stealer of hearts:

    24. This big ol' yawn:

    25. This epic race:

    26. This extremely relatable pug:

    27. Your new fave punk frontman:

    28. This bird vs. dog challenge:

    29. This born performer:

    30. This one that'll make you say "me when i want attention":

    31. This hypebeast:

    32. And this one that'll make you say "me when I want to cuddle IMMEDIATELY in the morning":

    33. This great preschool song remix:

    34. This lil welcoming committee:

    35. This mini cowboy:

    36. This epic fail:

    37. This possibly broken dog:

    38. This eternal mood:

    39. This sk8r boi:

    40. This verbose nugget:

    41. This day at the spa:

    42. This very strange use of an Adele track:

    43. This glow-up:

    44. This lil pencil pusher:

    45. These dogs that just need to hit the reset button:

    46. This just have to watch:

    47. Same with this one:

    48. This always watchin' one:

    49. These study buddies:

    50. This plug & play Samoyed:

    51. This very well-dressed dog:

    52. This very important sporting event:

    53. This discerning pooch:

    54. This ~hoppy~ lil guy:

    55. This cheesin' chap:

    56. And finally, this portrait of perfect puppy love:

    This post was translated from German.