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This Guy Will Read Your Mind (Then Tell You How He Did It)

He can read you like an open book.

See this man? This man can totally read your mind.

His video (which has been translated from German) went viral in Germany, bringing in over 4 million views and 55,000 shares.

His first request is simple: Think of a number...

Then do a little multiplying...

And adding...

And dividing...

And finally, some subtracting...

And then just a little more remembering and subtracting...

Okay, now that the math bit is done, you've got to find the corresponding letter...

What's the first country that comes to mind?

And the first fruit?

Did he guess right? Want to know how he did it?

During the first part, he's really just walking you through an equation. You don't realize it, but you're just solving for x.

Let's walk through it step by step. First you resolve what's in the brackets...

And since x minus x equals 0, what you're left with is a 4. So, no matter what number between 1 and 9 you chose you'll always get 4.

(If you didn't get 4, you screwed up your math. 🤔)

So, how'd he get Denmark then?

That actually does involve a little mind-reading, or at least some assumptions on his part. There are only six countries in the world that start with a "D."

And even if you knew more than a couple of them, Denmark is usually the first country most people think of.

And dates?

There's only a handful of fruits that begin with "D" (including dragonfruits and durians), but for most people, dates are the first thing they think of.

Baibaz / Getty Images

Since durians and dragonfruits are fairly exotic in the U.S. and Western Europe, he makes an educated guess at the first country and fruit that popped into your head.

  1. So...did it work? Did he successfully read your thoughts?

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So...did it work? Did he successfully read your thoughts?
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