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    20 Hair Mistakes We All Made In The '90s

    We were so young. There's no way we could have known.

    1. This elastic terror that you used, because if Clarissa could pull it off, you could too.

    2. Or in its infamous fluffy version — inspired, of course, by Cher from Clueless.

    3. There's no torture device to be found in all of history that could inflict the same kind of damage as these things did to your head.

    Or in its unforgettable and monstrous headband version:

    Give it a few hours. You'll be in total agony.

    4. If someone could go back in time and keep me from making this mistake, my life would be a lot better.

    5. Nobody can deny that these little balls were a style catastrophe.

    6. Especially if you had the transparent collection in every color.

    7. And if you wanted pigtails, only these abominations could help you.

    8. Maybe you even tried this horrifying invention once, only to realize that it had one purpose: to rip out your hair from the root.

    9. This painful memory that every '90s girl wants to forget.

    We will never be forgiven for this fashion sin.

    10. And to think that tying your hair up with one of these meant that you were cool.

    11. Wrapping your hair in thread and beads somehow became a (horrible) sign of eternal friendship.

    12. And how can we ever forget these style monstrosities?

    13. But no other accessory was as frightening as this one...

    (Remember when you loved to drench your hair in mousse and gather it up into "a fountain"?)

    14. ...except, of course, this hairband that looked like a bra strap, for some reason nobody bothered to explain.

    15. This is all your fault, Christina.

    16. And maybe a little bit yours too, Barbie.

    The hit of every '90s pajama party.

    17. Whose great idea was it to put peacock feathers in our hair?

    18. Thanks, little repulsive hair gems, for giving us so much to laugh about.

    19. We'll always fondly remember the fashion trends of the '90s...

    20. ...because WE WILL NEVER FORGET these huge mistakes.