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The Most Depressing Short Story Ever Written

My love for cats started at a young age. I remember having to write a book in 6th grade but don't remember writing such a morbid one. I'm glad I did not turn out like Mary.... [Ed. note: This is part of keepsake show and tell project.]

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One day, long ago, there was a girl named Mary, that lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was a Sunday afternoon when she was walking in the woods and found a cute little kitten. Mary thought it was so cute. The kitten was white and fluffy with beautiful green and black eyes. Mary went home to ask her mother and father if she could keep the kitten. Mary's parents said "NO!" They hated cats. They also had a dog named Jack that hated cats. Mary's parents said, "Jack would eat that cat up." Mary replied, "If I take really good care of her can I keep her?"


Her parents said, "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! and again NO!" Mary was mad. She went to her room with the kitten. During the night, Mary packed her bags, got the kitten and ran away. Mary went back into the woods where she found the kitten. Mary never wanted to go home. After a while the kitten grew up and was a cat. Mary wanted to name the cat and she named her Snow.

One month after Mary was lost Snow had 6 kittens. Mary had to keep them so they wouldn't die. Her parents missed her so bad. She was never found. She went home and was getting ready to open the door and her father was yelling. He said "If I ever find her, I will beat her to death!"

She was so terrified so she didn't stay. She ran back. Mary had a feeling that her parents wouldn't want to keep Snow and the kittens. She thought she could live on her own but she couldn't. She wasn't old enough to get a job. Mary had to eat whatever she found.

She was so scared. One night, there was a hunter. She almost got shot. He wanted to take her to town and turn her in. But Mary ran fast. The next day she was thinking so hard if she should go home. She decided to go home. When she got home her parents were sleeping. So she snuck in and went to bed. When her parents got up they went to her room and saw Mary sleeping. They made breakfast and Mary got up. Everyone was so happy.

Mary asked, "Mother, Father, is it ok if I keep the cats?" Her parents thought it over, and they said, "Yes." Mary was so happy. She had to take care of 7 cats, she named them Whiskers, Angel, Snow, Fluffy, Kitty, Tiger and Tabby. One day when she was walking in the woods with her cats the kittens wandered off. She couldn't find the anywhere. One week later when she was waling in the park she saw one of her kittens. It was Tabby.


She took her home to her parents. The next day she was worried. She cried every night. Two weeks later she found two of her kittens dead on the side of the road. The two kittens were Angel and Tiger.

Mary was so sad. She didn't know what to do. She still had 4 kittens alive, hopefuly, Tabby, Fluffy, Whiskers, and Kitty. Mary knew that Tabby was alive. One year later she found two of her cats, Whiskers and Kitty.

It was just Fluffy that was missing. Mary thought she would never find any of her kittens. But Mary found three kittens alive and two kittens dead. Mary was so suprised. Her mother and father were also suprised. Mary was sick to her stomach. They never found fluffy until 5 years later.

Fluffy was almost dead. She was so hungry she could eat a horse. Mary was so happy she could cry. Mary thought she would never see her kittens again. Her parents told her that she better watch those cats or they would give them away. She was worried.She didn't want to give her kittens away. Mary ran away again. Her parents were so scared. They thought about what they said.

They went out to find her the next day. But they couldn't find her anywhere. They were worried. When Mary was walking in the woods one of her kittens got shot by a hunter. He tried to shoot Mary and the other cats but they ran. She thought to herself, how far am I going out here. She was lost of 6 years.

3 of the cats died. She was so sad. Mary was homeless. One of her friends saw her and tried to get her but she ran. When they found Mary 6 years later she was dead. She died at the age of 20. They had a really nice funeral. Her mother felt so sad that she killed herself. Her father lived for 10 more years. He killed Snow then killed himself. Mary and her family had a bad life.


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