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The Indian Internet Just Changed Forever: "Smart Alia" Jokes Are The New "Dumb Alia" Jokes

She changed her mind, and "the new one works."

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After months of being the 'Bhatt' of all jokes, Alia starred in a mockumentary called "Genius Of The Year."

So after the "Alia Bhatt Jokes" thing.. I decided to FIX my BRAIN !! Check this out ;) #AlB @AllIndiaBakchod

Alia Bhatt@aliaa08

So after the "Alia Bhatt Jokes" thing.. I decided to FIX my BRAIN !! Check this out ;) #AlB @AllIndiaBakchod

8:53 AM - 25 Aug 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

The All India Bakchod video, which has garnered nearly 2 million views in a day, depicts Bhatt going through rigorous brain training in the days following her infamous Koffee With Karan GK gaffe...

All India Bakchod

And returning to the show having gained several IQ points, eventually triumphing in its GK round.

All India Bakchod

Watch the mockumentary here.

One day after the video was released, Alia's trolls have already updated their trolling mechanism: a new Facebook page called "Smart Alia Bhatt Trolls" has gained 33,000 likes within 20 hours of its creation.

Star World / Via Facebook: WittyAlia

Alia Bhatt jokes, which used to mock her lack of general knowledge, are now about how smart she is.

Smart Alia Bhatt Trolls / Via Facebook: WittyAlia

She's gone from being compared to Rahul Gandhi:

To the significantly more erudite Sarthak Agarwal:

It's hilarious, people think Mahesh Bhatt paid us 50 crore, Dhrama paid us 80 crore, and Alia herself paid us 100 crore to do this video for her as "PR." Now if you'll excuse me, my new private jet isn't going to fly itself, and I want to be on my yacht by dinnertime at the latest.

Regardless, a new brand of jokes was long overdue.

Welcome Alia Bhatt, the Bournvita Quiz Champ of the internet.

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