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19 Types Of Classmates All Indians Went To School With

There were teacher's pets and then there were back benchers.

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4. The Hot Unkempt One

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Defining traits: The troublemaker with the loose tie and his shirt unbuttoned, who got away with everything because his smile melted your teachers, principal, peon, everyone.


5. The Hot Nerdy One

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Defining traits: The materialisation of every parents' dream. Excels at everything. They've got it all – brains and looks so fine, almost as if puberty forgot to give them acne.

6. The Geek Of All Subjects

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Defining Traits: Doesn't have a favourite subject because they love everything. They're usually sitting on the first few benches, listening intently and jotting down notes. They don't like talking much because they don't want to let slip any info that might help you study.

7. The One Who Had Way, Way Too Many Doubts

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Defining traits: They took it seriously when the teacher said, "You have a doubt a hundred times, I'll explain it to you each time." The only plus point of having them was that they paused the class long enough for the teacher to forget about the rest of ya'll.


9. The "I Didn't Study, I Swear" Topper


Defining traits: These are the epic liars who convinced you that they didn't study a word and they only "skimmed" through the textbook once. But behold, walk in the class on Open Day and they'll have their name on the board cuz they're one among the top 3 rankers.

10. The Giggle Gang

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Defining Traits: Usually a bunch of girls sitting together in a cluster, giggling unapologetically during every single period, continuing with their laughter even when the teacher would separate them.

11. The Star Athlete You Barely Saw

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Defining traits: The ones whose face you saw only during exams and occasionally heard their name during announcements because they'd won the school laurels.


13. The One Who Had The Tastiest Tiffin

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Defining trait: This person who, very obviously, had the most friends in class. More often than not, their dabba was spotless before the first period got over.

15. The Bully

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Defining traits: Bold with an enhanced taste for causing trouble, your teachers sighed in relief the days they skipped school. Calendars full of remarks, a permanent place standing outside of class and they still wouldn't change their ways.

16. The Tomboy

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Defining trait: That girl with a boy cut who got offended whenever she was asked, "Why don't you grow your hair?" With a keen interest in sports, there were times people forgot to count her when counting girls in the class.


17. The Hottie

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Defining traits: The good girl right out of a Bollywood movie that all the boys had a crush on. Beauty blessed with brains, she was always one among the top 10 rankers.