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17 Things That'll Be There For You When Nobody Else Will

This is as unconditional as it gets.

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1. This plate of samosas won't judge you for wanting to stay at home and binge watch your favourite TV show all day.

2. These kachoris won't ask you stupid questions about why you're still single.

3. This pav bhaji doesn't care if you haven't had a shower for over two days.

It loves you.

4. This empathetic dosa won't argue with you for silly goddamn reasons.

5. These momos are here to provide your mouth with love, care and warm hugs.

6. These chicken lollipops want you and love you just the way you are.

Hence proved, Bruno Mars is a Chicken Lollipop.

7. This shawarma stands by your decision to not get married because of dumb societal pressure.

8. These bhajiyas agree that you can have one more and one more after that.

9. These shaami kebabs want you to know that you do need those extra five minutes of sleep.

10. This biryani is here is to confirm that you don't need a man to be happy.

23 irrefutable reasons here.

11. This butter chicken fully supports your wish to pack your bags and explore the world.

12. These dahi puris think you look awesome even in your pyjamas.

13. This Chinese bhel wants to remind you that it's great to spice up your life with some impromptu plans.

14. This chole bhature is asking you to shut down the haters and just relish in its awesomeness.

15. This gajar ka halwa will be by your side should you decide you need to change your career.

16. This ras malai thinks it's fine that you're not pursuing an MBA. You do you, boo. / Via

17. And these gulab jamuns are here to promise that they'll be there for you in sickness and in health and will love you foreverrr. / Via