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Does Your Brother Really Deserve A Rakhi?

Put his bhaigiri to the test.

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    He's never put the blame on you for something he did
    He sometimes took the blame on himself for something you did
    He always let you enter his room without threatening you
    And took permission to enter yours
    He taught you how to arm wrestle
    He let you use cuss words
    He taught you new ones
    He helped you hone your debate skills by arguing with you
    He gave you free self-defense lessons by getting in fights with you
    He never tried to convince you that you're adopted (unless you actually are)
    He acknowledged your existence at school
    And introduced you to his cool classmates
    He blackmailed you but never followed up
    He isn't responsible for any injuries you've sustained
    He becomes your bodyguard wherever you go
    He taught you how to play a sport and ace it
    He didn’t call you embarrassing nicknames in front of your friends
    He helped do the dishes and jhadoo-poncha
    He never stole, hid, or vandalized your toys
    He let you play with his toys and Pokémon Cards
    He pretended not to know you had a crush on his best friend
    He did your homework at least once
    He introduced you to your favourite music
    He remembers your birthday
    He let you be on his team in Counter Strike
    He nurtured you into thinking like a pervert
    He's serenaded you with 'Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai' at least once
    And he never minded you singing 'Bhaiya Mere Rakhi Ke Bandhan Ko Nibhana' in return
    He found your diary and pretended to not have read it
    None of his many practical jokes were actually destructive
    Your t-shirt collection is extra cool because he lets you steal his
    Growing up with him has raised you into a badass human
    So he trusts you to navigate the world on your own
    But you also know that no matter what, he's got your back

Does Your Brother Really Deserve A Rakhi?

No. Nop. Nope. Come here, you, let me offer you a comforting hug first. You’ve got troublemaker for a brother who made your childhood a rough patch. Tie a Rakhi only if your parents are insisting and you’re getting a massive gift in return.

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Your relationship is one from a Bollywood film where you have beautiful love-hate thing going on with your brother. He could be given a Rakhi but not before a thoughtful gift has been presented.

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The holy heavens have bestowed on you an enviably perfect brother. He could very well be Arbaaz Khan from Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya cuz only the best will suffice for his behna. Give that man a Rakhi that's dripping with love right now.

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