Are You Turning Into An Auntyji?

Take the test to know if you’ve graduated from didi to aunty.

    1. 1 You have used “Kids these days” in the recent past.
    2. 2 You have asked a young person, “Do you remember this song?”
    3. 3 When they shook their head you said, “How can you not know this song? It was a big hit!”
    4. 4 You have used “Hamare time mein” in the recent past.
    5. 5 When an aunty comes over to your house, you’re mildly interested in the new gossip she’s brought.
    6. 6 In return, you’ve also shared gossip.
    7. 7 You don’t know what to talk about with teenagers anymore.
    8. 8 You’ve resorted to asking “Aur padhai kaisi chal rahi hai?”
    9. 9 You started advising them.
    10. 10 You felt bad after they made an excuse and went away because you were sort of enjoying the conversation.
    11. 11 The kids who wore knickers in front of you are having girlfriends/boyfriends.
    12. 12 The same kids have added you on Facebook and you shake your head at their posts.
    13. 13 You have asked a teenager with a girlfriend/boyfriend if they have thought of marriage.
    14. 14 You mentally imagined their wedding ceremony.
    15. 15 You also imagined the sari you would be wearing to the said ceremony.
    16. 16 You were shocked when they broke up and got a new girlfriend/boyfriend almost immediately.
    17. 17 You’ve rolled your eyes at “Aaj kal ki generation.”
    18. 18 You have recently said, “Aray kitna bada ho gaya hai!” to a cousin whom you met after a very long time.
    19. 19 You have recently said, “Tu itniiiii choti thi when I last saw you” to a teenager.
    20. 20 You have told a teenager, “You don’t know what love is” and smiled.
    21. 21 Your friends/family have kids that call you aunty and you insist on being called didi.
    22. 22 You have started worrying about your weight and have considered walking in the jogger’s park nearby.
    23. 23 You bought Bata walking shoes for the same.
    24. 24 You’ve started going to weddings only for the variety of food.
    25. 25 Where you take off your high heels as soon as you get a table.
    26. 26 People have to pull you in to make you dance.
    27. 27 Where you do your signature step for a bit.
    28. 28 And then pretend someone was calling you to get out of there.
    29. 29 Uncles and aunties have started leaving their children with you.
    30. 30 And you actually enjoyed playing with them.
    31. 31 You’re easily amused by the things little ones say.
    32. 32 You imagined what it would be like to have your own children someday.
    33. 33 You love your coffee but you know true enjoyment is in chai.
    34. 34 You secretly smile when clubbing plans get canceled and you get to stay home.
    35. 35 You have started following the desi soap operas you mocked your mom for watching.
    36. 36 You have gotten your friends hooked on the same.
    37. 37 Your conversations now include, “Did you see what happened in the last episode?”
    38. 38 There is a dish that you have perfected.
    39. 39 Your mom can’t stop bragging about all the things her daughter can make.
    40. 40 Chai time with your mom is a discussion around marriages.
    41. 41 You’ve started understanding your mom more than ever.
    42. 42 You’ve become a pro at bargaining with the sabziwalla.
    43. 43 You raised your eyebrow when you caught a teenager lying to you.
    44. 44 You smirked when you asked them not to lie to you and they said, “How did you know?”
    45. 45 You’ve told a teenager their “Jab tu chota tha” story.
    46. 46 You’ve pulled a teenager’s cheeks and said something like, “how much ever you grow up, you will still be chotu motu for me.”
    47. 47 If you find a smart, young guy or girl, you mentally start sorting your cousins whom they could marry.
    48. 48 You have perfected various versions of saying “Accha.”
    49. 49 When someone younger shared their problem with you, you smiled and said, “You’re worried about this?”
    50. 50 You listened to them and consoled them by saying, “Don’t worry, it all works out in the end.”

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