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20 Questions Muslims In India Are Tired Of Being Asked

What does (random Urdu word) mean?

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1. "You must support Pakistan in India v/s Pakistan na?"

Yash Raj FIlms / Via

2. "Your ancestors must be from Pakistan na?"

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3. "You definitely have some connection with Pakistan na?"

Disney / Via

Yup! Love for Fawad Khan is all the connection I have with Pakistan!

4. "Why do you wear a burqa?"

Dharma Productions / Via

Mah LyFf, mah RulzZ.

5. "Why don't you wear a burqa?"

Balaji Telefilms

Mah lyf, mah rulzZ.

6. "You can't eat in Ramadan but you can still drink water, right?"


We can take chullu bhar paani and drown you in it instead.

7. "Don't you get hungry?"

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8. "You must know Mohammed Ali Road inside out!"

Yash Raj Films / Via

Why? I don't live there.

9. "Did you know Kasab?"

Balaji Motion Pictures / Via

10. "What does (random Urdu word) mean?"

Lily Singh || Superwoman || / Via

Yes, because every stereotypical Muslim character in Bollywood speaks Urdu, I should too, right?

11. "You must love Shah Rukh and Salman movies."

Film Kraft / Via

The ones that make sense, yes.

12. "Are you related to any of them?"

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13. "Does your mom make chicken, mutton and biryani like everyday?"

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Unlike you, my mom has better things to do.

14. "Can you make biryani?"

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I can take you down in a biryani eating match.

15. "Muslims shouldn't swear, right? Why are you swearing?"

Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision / Via

16. "You must've totally slaughtered a bakra for Eid na?"

Mukta Arts / Via

Nope, not yet. I needed your neck.

17. "You must keep going to Saudi na?"

Eros Entertainment / Via

18. "Jihad means terrorism, right?"

SLB Films Pvt. Ltd / Via

It's jihad trying to make you understand something!

19. "How are you a Maharashtrian if you're a Muslim?"

Anurag Kashyap Films / Via

Because geography and my religious beliefs are totally the same thing.

20. You must really hate Modi na?

Yash Raj Films / Via

You know what I really hate? Your assumptions.