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    Everything Is So Expensive Right Now, So Here Are The 14 Best And Worst Frugal Hacks I've Ever Seen

    Only two sheets of toilet paper for a trip to the bathroom? Is the savings really worth it!!???

    I'm a self-admitted frugal person.

    And with cost of living so high right now, frugality is looking good to a lot of people.

    With inflation still at 8.3% in August and economic uncertainty on peoples minds, saving a little more money feels like a good idea. Frugal living tips can help with that,  but some definitely get a little...weird.

    Here are the best and worst frugal living tips I've ever seen.

    1. BEST: Focus on big areas of savings to see the biggest impact

    Focusing on areas you can save hundreds in year after year is WORTH IT. This man saving $750 a year by switching phone plans is a frugal win. Start with housing, transportation, and food costs as areas to cut back in if you can.

    2. WORST: Keeping stuff for years to save $4.79

    I respect the foresight, but the general advice to hoard things for years to save tiny amounts of money isn't worth it for most people, financially. This is a better tip for people who are trying to reduce waste.

    3. BEST: Utilize your public library for more than just books

    Things you can get or use for FREE from libraries: 📚 books, both audio and physical 🌱 seeds to plant your own garden 🎬 movies 🎶 music 🎭 live programming, like movie nights or board game nights 📱chargers for phone or computers

    Bravely Go LLC / Via Twitter: @bravelygo

    Libraries are the bedrock of communities and are often underutilized. There's so much more than books there! Many libraries even have tool rentals — you can go borrow a drill to finally hang that print on your wall and not have to buy a tool you'll never use again for yourself.

    4. WORST: Live at home to save money

    I hate seeing ppl say “live with your parents to save money” when what they mean is “my parents let me live at home for free” not everyone’s parents a rich 😭😭

    Twitter: @elrondswig

    Let me be clear: this is actually a great idea to save money IF IT APPLIES TO YOU. For a lot of people, it's not a reality. Not everyone has parents with extra room, who live near where you work, and would be ok with you staying with them. Living at home as an adult is a privilege afforded to very few.

    5. BEST: Plant native plants or clover lawns instead of grass as your lawn

    Lawns with Bermuda grass need a lot of water and maintenance. For homeowners, switching to clover lawns, or a local native plant like these yards will be cheaper, better for the environment, and prettier.

    6. WORST: Everyone needs a side hustle in order to build wealth

    The amount of money we spend daily keeps increasing but salary doesn't increase. Everyone needs to get a side hustle now

    Twitter: @BombayLow

    Side hustles are extra work you take on to generate a different flow of income from your main job. And they are often touted as an essential part of frugal living. Bring in more money and you can save more! But some people don't need a side hustle and would be better served by earning more at their main job through promotions and job switches. Plus, systemic problems need systemic solutions. We can't dog walk our way out of the rising cost of living.

    7. BEST: Ditch store loyalty and shop local stores

    If you're in a city, check out a local Asian grocery store for cheaper meats. Brand loyalty (aka buying the same brands again and again) often becomes a habit, and switching it up can save big time.

    8. WORST: Just move somewhere cheaper to save on cost of living

    I’ve been wondering why folks crying about rents are too high won’t just leave NY/LA and head to a place like Columbus, Ohio?

    Twitter: @3rdstringW

    This one makes me crazy! Moving is expensive, especially if you have to move several states away to find a lower cost of living. Plus, what if your job requires you to be in a major city? Or you need access to certain healthcare? What if moving requires you to go from being car-free to needing a car, insurance, and gas? Plus, housing costs have risen everywhere in the last three years.

    9. BEST: Use a drying rack to save on electricity and extend your clothes lives

    We all do laundry; a drying rack can cut your electric bill and extend the life of your clothing so you shop less. You can fit one in a hallway, a laundry room, or a small balcony.

    10. WORST: Skip hiring wedding event staff and do the set up yourself

    I worked over 200 weddings as a caterer and let me tell you: you need staff if there's over 20 people. Setting up tables and chairs, setting plates, silverware, napkins and centerpieces, bussing after people are done eating, packing up the decor at the end of the all takes time. Staff is not the place to be cheap if you want to actually enjoy your own wedding.

    11. BEST: Eat in season produce to save on food costs

    Different parts of the year have different fruits and veggies that are in season. Eating seasonally can mean cheaper prices and tastier food (since they don't have to be shipped from the other side of the world.) SNAP has a list of what's currently in season throughout the year. And if you have the freezer space, you can buy in season and freeze for later.

    12. WORST: Rationing toilet paper

    I'm sorry, there's frugal and then there's unnecessarily cheap. Rationing toilet paper (especially if there's no bidet!!!) is unhygienic and not the super saver you think it is.

    13. BEST: Learn to repair things so that you expand their lifetime

    Sewing up ripped seams and buttons back onto clothes give you more time with items you have, rather than spending on new. YouTube is a great resource to learn how to repair everything from air conditioners to clothes to cars.

    14. WORST: Wasting time when there's no need

    raw chicken in a coffeemaker

    What's a frugal hack that you use to save money? (Please, no coffee pot chicken recipes).