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    Despite Angry Notes From Neighbors, People Are Ditching Grass Lawns For Sustainable Substitutes, And It's The Absolute Best

    In case you missed it, 36.96% of the United States is currently in a drought. Giving up our grass lawns is a great thing we can do to help.

    In case you missed it, our planet is not okay. Global warming is only getting worse, and 36.96% of the United States is currently in a drought, with 241.2 million acres of crops affected.

    dried out crops

    Thankfully, there are a lot of magnificent people out there who have come up with sustainable alternatives to grass lawns. These include — but are not limited to — wildflower yards, bee sanctuaries, clover fields, succulents, vegetable gardens, wood chips, and pathways. With some of these lawn substitutes, you're not only saving water; you're also promoting biodiversity (aka the variety of different lifeforms in our ecosystems).

    A subreddit called r/NoLawns is my favorite place to peruse how people have transformed their boring (gr)ass lawns into beautiful, biodiverse sanctuaries. Here are 16 examples I was wowed by:

    1. This person turned their front lawn into a vegetable garden:

    potted plants lining the front yard

    Unfortunately, their neighbors are giving them a lot of grief about it. They clearly haven't seen the anti-lawn light yet:

    letter from a neighbor saying their yard looks ugly

    According to the subreddit, it's not uncommon to get angry notes from your neighbors when you're not conforming to their lawn standards 🙄:

    another note saying the front of their home looks ugly

    2. This local council replaced the grass between their town's roads with wildflowers:

    wildflowers blooming


    street lined with colorful wildflowers

    How stunning is this?!


    3. This person exchanged their lawn for a colorful succulent garden:

    4. This person created a lush bee sanctuary:

    5. This person has a yard filled with native vegetation:

    6. TBH, I wanna take a nap in this person's overgrown yard:

    7. This person created a clover field:

    8. These people don't give a hoot if wildlife gnaws on their lawn:

    9. This person's urban yard is absolutely flourishing:

    10. This person's yard is a wildflower haven:

    11. This person's yard is a purple sanctuary:

    12. This person actually created the pool of my dreams:

    13. This person welcomed a furry friend into their yard to do as he pleases:

    a fox in a backyard

    Look at him go!!!

    fox in the middle of tall flowers

    He's a happy boi:

    14. This person's yard looks like a botanical garden:

    15. This person's yard is blooming like no other:

    16. And finally, this person's yard is straight out of a fairytale:

    Do you have a sustainable alternative yard that you want to show off? Upload a photo of it in the comments for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

    H/T: r/NoLawns