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13 Reasons Why Kammie Is Your Next Creative Freelancer

Cover letters don't do me justice. Let me explain how we got here.

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1. I'm Adventurous / Via

I moved to Austin without any money or a job 7 years ago because I wanted an adventure. I shared a one bedroom apartment with a Craigslist roommate and searched for jobs while eating ramen and drinking gas station wine.

3. I'm Strategic / Via

I joined the U.S. Senate Campaign of Senator John Cornyn where I ran the social media and marketing efforts for his statewide campaign. I traveled around Texas to engage with voters and push for positive social change in the community - you can call me Leslie Knope.

4. I Know What I Want / Via

After two years in politics and a stint in political fundraising, I decided to pivot and focus on things that made the world beautiful. I'm confident we can all agree 2016 would make anyone rethink their political career and overall life choices. I'm looking at you America.

5. I Went Viral

Kammie Russel / Via

I created this as a funny take on the mass amounts of people moving to Austin every day. I posted it on FB, went to sleep and by the morning I had calls from Austin Business Journal, Paste Magazine, Austin Monthly, Culture Map and AlJazerra to name a few.

6. I'm a Hustler / Via

I got my real estate license, illustrated a children's book, rescued a dog, started my graphic design business and still had time to learn the names of all the workers at my neighborhood Chipotle.

7. I Had An Epiphany / Via

When you are pretty decent at a lot of things, how do you decide what you should be doing? You channel your inner Lauren Conrad and do a deep soul searching session to decide if you should go to Paris...or work for yourself.

8. Then I Found You / Via

Buzzfeed is the ultimate opportunity for me. Creating content for the leading digital media company in the world is an opportunity I couldn't let pass. So let's create some content and entertain millions.

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