11 Dead Giveaways That You Didn’t Grow Up In Los Angeles

We’re not in Kansas anymore.

1. You freak out when you see a celebrity.

2. You expect driving somewhere to take significantly less time than your GPS tells you.

Aren’t you just the cutest?! Tack on 20 minutes instead.

3. You show up to the grocery store without reusable bags.

4. You correct people when they call the interstate the “freeway.”

Those silly West Coast kids.

5. You wait patiently to turn left at traffic lights.

Fox / Via giphy.com

You’ve sat through 3 lights already, but you’re sure traffic will clear up for the next one!

6. You wave at everyone, including strangers.

7. When eating out at a restaurant, you expect your waiter to split the tab.

8. You thought the parking spot for your car was meant for a small bike.

Bravo / Via giphy.com

9. You take pictures of everything.

Cartoon Network / Via coffeeticks.my

10. You have no idea how to answer when people ask you what “neighborhood” you’re from.

Fox / Via rebloggy.com

11. You’ve hit all the main tourists attractions at least once.

And plan to hit them all again with just as much enthusiasm when your friends and family visit you!

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