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    Here Are 14 Titles That Are Perfect To Read Ahead Of Valentine's Day

    These books showcase all the different feelings and types of love that the holiday brings up, so there's truly something for every reader!

    Valentine's Day can be a polarizing holiday. There are those who love all things love and savor the romance of the holiday, those who lean toward platonic and familial love on this special day, and those who downright hate it.

    1. The Do-Over by Lynn Painter

    The Do-Over

    2. Valentine by Jodi McAlister

    Book cover art; the word "Valentine" with an arrow through it on a red background

    3. The Second You're Single by Cara Tanamachi

    Book cover art; An illustration of a man trying to hand a woman and her dog a Valentine's day box of chocolates

    4. P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

    Book cover art; A still from the Netflix series "To All The Boys I Loved Before"

    5. Exes and O’s by Amy Lea

    Book cover art; A man and a woman looking lovingly at each other with heart balloons all around

    6. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

    Book cover art

    7. Out of Character by Jenna Miller

    Book cover art

    8. Love? Maybe. by Heather Hepler

    Book cover art

    9. Reggie and Delilah's Year of Falling by Elise Bryant

    Book cover art

    10. Marly's Ghost by David Levithan

    Book cover art

    11. 11 Paper Hearts by Kelsey Hartwell

    Illustrated cover art for the book cover of different colored hearts

    12. Not Your Valentine by Jackie Lau

    Book cover art

    13. Sweeter Than Chocolate by Lizzie Shane

    Book cover art

    14. 19 Love Songs by David Levithan

    19 Love Songs

    No matter how you celebrate, we hope you have a happy Valentine's Day! Let us know your favorite V-Day read in the comments!