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    19 Laugh Out Loud Moments From "What We Do In The Shadows"

    We promise this isn't a ploy to drain your energy via the internet.

    FX's What We Do in the Shadows is one of the funniest shows on TV right now, so narrowing down the funniest moments wasn't easy. But should you need motivation to rewatch, or watch the show for the first time, let these perfect scenes persuade you.

    1. When Nandor says he wants to put glitter all over his body like Edward in Twilight.

    Nandor peruses a craft aisle at a market with Guillermo

    2. ...and when he thinks that the crepe paper is "creepy paper."

    3. When Jenna totally misreads Nadja's proposal to turn her into a vampire.

    Jenna looks at Nadja in surprise and awe

    4. When Jenna dies and comes back to life, shocking everyone around her.

    5. When the vampires take the Baron for a night out on the town.

    6. ...and they get high on high people's blood.

    7. When Guillermo accidentally kills the Baron.

    Guillermo holds long stemmed roses and turns his nose up

    8. When the vampires think they've been cursed by an email chain and don't know where to find email addresses to forward it to.

    9. When the vampires get invited to a Super Bowl party and think it's a Superb Owl party.

    10. When the vampires' ghosts come to haunt them and Laszlo has to help his ghost out for him to pass to the afterlife.

    11. When Colin Robinson summons the ghost of his own grandmother just to finish his "updog" joke.

    A ghost of an old woman asks what's updog

    12. The entire Jackie Daytona arc.

    13. When Laszlo and Nadja perform their original music at an open mic night and we learn they wrote "Kokomo" by The Beach Boys.

    Nadja and Laszlo perform on stage, Nadja points the mic at the crowd

    14. When Nandor accidentally joins a fitness cult.

    Nandor wears a blue muscle tank top and short shorts, exercising in a group

    15. When Nandor tries (and fails) to woo the front desk girl at his gym, who is a lesbian.

    Nandor plays a lute guitar to the front desk receptionist at the gym

    16. When all it takes is a "Ring-a-ding-ding" to convince Laszlo and Nadja that a Rat Pack impersonator is the real Frank Sinatra.

    17. When the vampires' neighbor, Sean, tries to sell them pillows he bought in bulk.

    Sean shows off his pillow called the Guy pillow

    18. When Nandor becomes obsessed with The Big Bang Theory (the TV show) through a slot machine.

    19. When Colin Robinson teaches Nandor about the Big Bang Theory.

    Truthfully, there are so many more hilarious moments, and this post could go on for days. Hopefully, seeing these scenes again will make you laugh and remember your own favorite moments. Share your favorites in the comments!