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    23 Two-Sentence Horror Stories That Are Perfect For Spooky Season

    Don't read these in the dark.

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    1. Pet Cemetery

    2. Skin-deep

    3. Salt is Salt

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    4. Hospital Woes

    5. A Race in the Dark

    6. Miracles

    Creepy face in the mirror
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    7. Reflections

    8. Dance Party

    9. Sibling Love

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    10. The Photographer

    11. Lights, Camera, Action

    12. Mine

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    13. Bloody Mary

    14. Three Wishes

    15. HAND Bag

    haunted house
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    16. The Farmhouse

    17. Charity

    18. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

    Young man possessed by devil
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    19. The Five Senses

    20. Surprise

    Watching horror movie on tv
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    21. The Gamer

    22. Hands-free Texting

    23. The Face Mask

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