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    23 Two-Sentence Horror Stories That Are Perfect For Spooky Season

    Don't read these in the dark.

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    1. Pet Cemetery

    Every pet I've owned since I was a kid is buried in my back yard. from TwoSentenceHorror

    2. Skin-deep

    His muscle twitches had continued for over a month before he decided to consult a doctor. from TwoSentenceHorror

    3. Salt is Salt

    "Now be careful, that line of rock salt is the only thing keeping them out," the man said, welcoming my group into his refuge. from TwoSentenceHorror
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    4. Hospital Woes

    I wake up in pain in a hospital bed; most of my body covered in burns from the fire. from TwoSentenceHorror

    5. A Race in the Dark

    When I was younger I used to sprint up the stairs as soon as the lights turned off from TwoSentenceHorror

    6. Miracles

    I thought I had witnessed a miracle when I saw a mother lifting her car off of her newborn baby today... from TwoSentenceHorror
    Creepy face in the mirror
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    7. Reflections

    My son told me that his mirror image was threatening to replace him in the real world. from TwoSentenceHorror

    8. Dance Party

    I love to turn up my favourite songs and sing along from TwoSentenceHorror

    9. Sibling Love

    My mother screamed as I peeled the skin from my face. from TwoSentenceHorror
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    10. The Photographer

    The pictures I take of others tell a thousand words... from TwoSentenceHorror

    11. Lights, Camera, Action

    On the monitor, I can see my husband's cheeky face slowly creeping up to the security cam in an attempt to scare me. from TwoSentenceHorror

    12. Mine

    As I felt the knife run down my skin, I felt oddly happy. from TwoSentenceHorror
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    13. Bloody Mary

    [145] "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary," I whispered into the mirror darkened by the lightless room. from TwoSentenceHorror

    14. Three Wishes

    For my last wish, I wished my dad to be alive again. from TwoSentenceHorror

    15. HAND Bag

    I love my hand bag. from TwoSentenceHorror
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    16. The Farmhouse

    I used to hate the sound of crickets outside the lonely farmhouse. from TwoSentenceHorror

    17. Charity

    "Thanks for the gold, kind stranger!" from TwoSentenceHorror

    18. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

    A guy just ran up to me while screaming that somebody had locked him in a basement, blindfolded him, and starved him for days. from TwoSentenceHorror
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    19. The Five Senses

    I've only just started reading lips, so my dad knelt down in front of me to make sure I understood him clearly. from TwoSentenceHorror

    20. Surprise

    “Remember don’t peek, it’s a surprise”, said my parents coldly. from TwoSentenceHorror
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    21. The Gamer

    I rage quit after being crushed by the final boss for the ninth time in a row. from TwoSentenceHorror

    22. Hands-free Texting

    I recieved a text from my husband last night that read " I hope you burn in hell for what you've done, you bitch!!!" from TwoSentenceHorror

    23. The Face Mask

    I’ve worn a face mask in public my entire life. from TwoSentenceHorror

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