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19 Rescue Animals Who Are Going Home For The Holidays

There's nothing better than a happy forever home.

1. After spending 464 days at Milton Animal League, Hubert the pit bull terrier mix found a forever home. He'll never have to spend another Christmas in the shelter again!

2. Thanks to 3D printing, Derby the rescue dog will be able to run around as much as he wants this Christmas, despite being born with deformities in his front legs.

3. Hope the mule escaped abuse and slaughter earlier this year and found a loving forever family.

4. Three tigers, Gustavo, Anastasia, and Natalia, were rescued from a tiny roadside zoo in January 2012. This Christmas, they'll spend the holiday celebrating inside their brand new five-acre enclosure at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, where they're in safe and caring hands.

5. Zoey (aka Sasha), the dog who was rescued from a hoarding situation in August, successfully recovered from her leg amputation and will spend the holidays with her brand new forever family.

6. RooRoo the gray kangaroo found a permanent home at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch after spending his life in the circus being forced to box with other kangaroos. Today, RooRoo spends his days with his best bud, Kingston the billy goat.

7. Cowboy lived in a dump for almost a year, but this holiday season he'll be cozied up with his forever fam!

8. Sam, the dog that was once forced into a life of dogfighting, will spend the holidays with his loving family while spreading cheer to everyone.

9. Coconut came from horrifying conditions at a puppy mill. Despite being one of the most severe cases the ASPCA has ever seen, she persevered and will be happily home for the holidays with her new family.

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10. Charlie the stray dog got a special makeover and was adopted two days later, which means he'll be spending his holiday cozied up at his forever home.

11. Dawn the cuddly rescue fox will have a Christmas full of kisses in her happy home at Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Centre.

12. Rocco is an the off-the-track Thoroughbred who couldn't find a home at the racetrack after his career ended, but he will spend the holidays with his new forever family who give him TONS of treats and kisses.

13. Joanie and Chachi, the stray pit bull and Chihuahua, were adopted together earlier this year and will spend every second of the holidays by each other's side.

14. Bear the Rottweiler mix pup was adopted earlier this year and he'll celebrate his very first Christmas with his mom and his best bud, Booger the horse.

15. After being adopted from Danny and Ron's Rescue, Crouton the yellow lab mix is loving life with his new family, and he has his best bud Emma to teach him the ropes about puppy life.

16. Kallie the blue nose pit bull will spend her first holiday season with her new forever fam this year after being adopted from Pibbles & More Animal Rescue this summer!

17. Scarlet the beagle, also from Danny and Ron's Rescue, will celebrate Christmas along with her best bud Nemo the corgi in her happy forever home.

18. Pudding the friendly rescue fox will spend her holiday cozied up at the National Fox Welfare Society. She's too friendly to be released back into the wild, so she'll live out her happy days there with her forever family.

19. Draven the cat was rescued from Rainbow Animal Refuge. This holiday season the adorable therapy cat will be spreading holiday cheer to those in need one purr at a time.