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The 100 Most Important Puppy Photos Of All Time

This is all you will ever need.

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100. The Piggybacker

Why it's important: This pup is hitching a ride from his best bud. He might be a little scared to adventure out on his own, but with his big brother by his side, he knows his lil' puppy legs can do anything.


75. The Oblivious Fluff

Why it's important: Despite the dog being a tiny and adorable ball of fluff, the cat absolutely hates this new puppy. But this happy little guy just keeps on living his best life! Take a little inspiration from him and IGNORE THE HATERS.

28. The Pup Who Just Left Home for the First Time

Why it's important: This little German shepherd was a little nervous to venture out for the first time, but he had his mom right by his side to keep him safe! HOW CUTE.

19. The Pup Who Just Wants to Know What's Going On

Why it's important: This little guy is new to cuddling, but he's down to end the grand cat vs. dog argument in the form of a cuddle sesh...and it's supercute.

9. The Pup Who Just Saw Her Own Reflection for the First Time