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    29 Puppies Who Are Far Too Cute For This World

    VIP = Very Important Puppies.

    1. This floof who got a little bit swept away on a windy day.

    2. This sweet girl who might have the cutest ears in the history of cute ears.

    Chris Martin

    3. This tiny tot who can fit inside an actual baseball cap.

    4. And this proud woman who just graduated from puppy school.

    5. This little guy who hasn't quite figured out how to use those ears yet.

    6. This supremely squishy snuggler.

    7. And this puppy-dog-eyed sweetie.

    Reddit User: jlbutton

    8. This very polite and mannerly little lady.

    9. This corgi pup who is all tucked in.

    10. And this baby who has already mastered the art of begging, even at a young age.

    A. Maylor

    11. This cutie braving her very first car ride.

    12. This wee one who is serving some sass.

    13. And this quite proud smiler.

    Killian Quilty

    14. This chocolate-colored dreamboat.

    15. And this goofy floof.

    Reed Selby

    16. This independent woman who will go where she pleases.

    17. This gentle and kind soul.

    18. And this little one who is learning how to use the stairs under the watchful eye of his big brother.

    David R-K, Syracuse NY

    19. This tiny, tiny bug in his new sweater.

    20. And this puppy who's just hangin' inside a pot of water.

    21. This speckled cutie who has reached the next level of joy just by getting pets.

    22. And this ladies' man who is living his best life.

    23. This joyful pupperoon who is loving her lil' puppucchino.

    24. And this small dreamer who has high hopes.

    Nico Menendez

    25. This baby who has a very kissable little freckle face.

    26. And this speckle-nosed flooferton who is perfect in every way.

    27. This very brave and important firefighter.

    28. This sweet girl who even has adorable eyebrows.

    29. And finally, this curious traveler who's just poppin' up to say 'ello.