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35 Ridiculous Pictures Of Children On Leashes

The child some point we as humans said to ourselves, "Yeah! If it's okay for a dog, why not a kid?" From the supermarkets of suburbia to the streets of New York City, to the cobblestone roads of "The Happiest Place on Earth," there is a child leashing epidemic sweeping the nation. Here are 35 of the most ridiculous sightings of children on leashes to date.

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1. The around the world leashing

2. The lower priority leashing

3. The loaner leashing

4. The picking up after you leashing

5. The leash carousel

6. The "I'm on the phone" leashing

7. The herding of the offspring leashing

8. The jet-lagged leashing

9. The baby backpack, hanging thingy

10. The "Oh shit, is that Xzibit?" leashing

Yo dawg that is Xzibit, and he put a monkey on your monkey!

11. The femullet, silk pajama leashing

12. The reward with food leashing

13. The Phish concert leashing

14. The backwards, crybaby leashing

15. The "wait here I'm gonna get a beer" leashing

16. The Fourth of July leashing - Merkuh!

17. The Cinco de Mayo leashing

18. The disappointed in your brother leashing

19. The floor polisher leashing

20. The super sweet hat leashing

21. The matching outfits leashing

22. The WTF leashing

23. The OMG WTF leashing

24. The anchor leashing

25. The man down leashing

And another one...

And another one...

And two more...

26. The lugging a cooler leashing

27. The mom's craft project leashing

28. The "I'm suffocating!" leashing

29. The awkward grandma leashing

30. The gangsta leashing

31. The harsh reality leashing

32. The thumbsucker leashing

33. The kangaroo leashing

34. The John and Yoko Leashing

35. And finally... The Michael Jackson Gravity Boot leashing

Thanks for reading! Keep them kids on a short leash!

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