I like funny things and making people laugh.
  • 15 GIFs That Pretty Much Sum Up The Epic Fail That Is Congress

    This definitely isn’t the first time they’ve let us down, but our elected officials sure have been on a hot streak lately. First the government shuts down, then they raise the debt ceiling which already exceeds $17 Trillion, and all of this is going to start again in 3 months? I guess we might as well laugh about it.

  • 35 Ridiculous Pictures Of Children On Leashes

    The child leash…at some point we as humans said to ourselves, “Yeah! If it’s okay for a dog, why not a kid?” From the supermarkets of suburbia to the streets of New York City, to the cobblestone roads of “The Happiest Place on Earth,” there is a child leashing epidemic sweeping the nation. Here are 35 of the most ridiculous sightings of children on leashes to date.

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