How “Bro” Are You?

Step up your BROductivity.

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    1. Call your male friends “bro”?
    2. Call your female friends “bro”?
    3. Call strangers “bro” regardless of gender?
    4. Get called “bro”?
    5. Use “bro” as a modifier?
    6. Hear or use “dude” in any of the aforementioned capacities?
    7. Say “work hard, play hard?”
    8. Say “that’s classic?”
    9. Quote Lil’ Wayne in public?
    10. Own a boat?
    11. Belong to a country club?
    12. Wear Sperrys?
    13. Use Axe Body Spray?
    14. Yell at the TV while playing video games?
    15. Yell at the TV while watching sports?
    16. Read Bro Bible regularly?
    17. Read Elite Daily regularly?
    18. Fist-pump while dancing?
    19. Raise the roof?
    20. Play beer pong?
    21. Draw on people while they’re sleeping?
    22. Shotgun beers?
    23. Perform impressive keg stands?
    24. Drink Natural Light?
    25. Drink Smirnoff Ice?
    26. Drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade?
    27. Drink Jäger?
    28. Drink protein shakes?
    29. Get really excited about boxing fights?
    30. Get really excited about UFC fights?
    31. Get really excited about street fights?
    32. Get really excited about bar fights?
    33. Brag about the glory days of your sports career?
    34. Have an obsession with working out?
    35. Inspect your biceps in the mirror?
    36. Take selfies at the gym?
    37. Take pictures making duckfaces?
    38. Throw up peace signs in photos?
    39. Wear Aqua Di Gio?
    40. Wear Curve?
    41. Wear Oakley’s?
    42. Wear Clubmasters?
    43. Wear argyle sweaters?
    44. Wear Ed Hardy clothing?
    45. Wear flannel shirts?
    46. Shop at Hollister?
    47. Shop at Affliction?
    48. Shop at Express?
    49. Shop at Abercrombie & Fitch?
    50. Have a tribal tattoo?
    51. Think about getting a tribal tattoo?
    52. Have a barbed wire tattoo?
    53. Think about getting a barbed wire tattoo?
    54. Have a tattoo in a foreign language?
    55. Think about getting a tattoo in a foreign language?
    56. Go to Dave Matthews Band concerts?
    57. Go to Florida Georgia Line concerts?
    58. Go to Kid Cudi concerts?
    59. Go to Skrillex concerts?
    60. Go to Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All concerts?
    61. Go to Bruce Springsteen concerts?
    62. Go to Sublime With Rome Concerts?
    63. Regularly go to night clubs?
    64. Regularly go to tailgates?
    65. Mistake celebrity twitters for the real people?
    66. Tweet #winning?
    67. Tweet #blessed?
    68. Tweet #TurnUp?
    69. Tweet #GotEm?
    70. Tweet #Merica?
    71. Tweet things like “ugh, too many carbs”?
    72. Send live tweets about your workout?
    73. Enjoy day beers?
    74. Get belligerent before the sun goes down?
    75. “Ice” your friends?
    76. Urinate in public?
    77. Participate in corn hole tournaments?
    78. Play mini golf?
    79. Casually wear sports jerseys in public?
    80. Casually wear sports sweatbands in public?
    81. Purposely wear baseball hats incorrectly?
    82. Wear visors?
    83. Wear Crocs?
    84. Wear Jesus-style sandals with socks?
    85. Pound your chest at any given moment?
    86. Belong to a fraternity?
    87. Have close friends in a fraternity?
    88. Hang out at fraternities for no apparent reason?
    89. Own Nike Shox?
    90. Wear tennis shoes with jeans?
    91. Hate reading fiction?
    92. Seriously love LMFAO?
    93. Experiment with cocaine?
    94. Experiment with MDMA?
    95. Experiment with steroids?
    96. Go to Panama for spring break?
    97. Brag about a night out literally the next day?
    98. Use tanning salons?
    99. Fist-bump your friends?
    100. Actually play kickball?
    101. Binge-watch Sports Center?
    102. Binge-watch Spike TV?
    103. Binge-watch “Jackass”?
    104. Enjoy the “Jersey Shore”?
    105. Love quoting “Wedding Crashers”?
    106. Love watching “Animal House”?
    107. Contemplate how epic the next “Duck Dynasty” will be?
    108. Contemplate how epic the “Entourage” movie will be?
    109. Relate to Tucker Max?
    110. Enjoy “The Hangover”?
    111. Enjoy “The Hangover 2”?
    112. Enjoy “The Hangover 3”?
    113. Contemplate the plot for “The Hangover 4”?
    114. Contemplate why they would cancel “Blue Mountain State”?
    115. Look up to Alec Baldwin?
    116. Look up to Barney Stinson?
    117. Identify with Leo in “The Wolf of Wall Street”?
    118. Consider yourself a Chris Brown fan?
    119. Consider yourself a Woody Allen fan?
    120. Consider yourself a descendent of Burt Reynolds?
    121. Consider yourself a descendent of Will Farrell?
    122. Get made fun of for living at your parents house?
    123. Often find yourself making booty calls?
    124. Often get rejected when making booty calls?
    125. Have a short temper?
    126. Blame others for your shortcomings?
    127. Often find yourself thinking about college?
    128. Often find yourself thinking about high school?
    129. Have a degree in business administration?
    130. Experience premature ejaculation?

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