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This Awesome Illustrator Draws Your Favorite Rappers As "Simpsons" Characters

Admit it – you've always wanted to see how Yeezy would look as a cartoon. That's why Bernard Rollins is your new favorite artist.

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Rollins began drawing hip-hop artists for fun, and to help keep his Instagram followers entertained between projects.

Growing up in Frederick, Md., Rollins drew all of his friends and neighbors as characters from The Simpsons.

Eventually, New York rapper Action Bronson took notice.

"Action Bronson really liked his Simpsons character! I posted it on my IG before bed one night and woke up the next day to a ton of notifications, not knowing that he had reposted it," Rollins told BuzzFeed.

After the artist illustrated one of Action Bronson's lines, the rapper reached out to Rollins.

"He liked that enough to reach out to me via Instagram direct message about doing more. I'm really living out my dreams right now. I'm really looking forward to working with him and he seems super excited about it, so stay tuned for that," Rollins said.


Rollins says his collaborations so far are the mixtape covers he created for Chicago act GLC's The AntiSimp, Silence of the Lames, The Pulpit, and Ism Churchill.

"Right now, I'm working on GLC's next mixtape cover. GLC is such an underrated artist and one of the realest out so I hope that my cover art can help him get that exposure," Rollins said.

In his spare time, Rollins hopes to continue bringing hip-hop artists into the world of The Simpsons.

Here's hoping he keeps at it. I mean, how dope is Pharrell chillin' in his Arby's hat?


And he even drew Yeezus with his Margiela tour mask.