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    • justinc61

      I find it absolutely hilarious how many people are offended by this but not the term “queer”. Queer means “strange”, “unusual”, “not quite right, or “out of alignment”. People started using that term about gay people because that’s what they thought about them. Now it gets thrown around by gay and straight people alike as if it isn’t a derogatory remark when it really is! These are just jokes! They aren’t even really super offensive. I’m not a big Jesus fan, but I’m going to quote the guy anyway… My he who is without sin (or, in this case, has never knowingly offended anyone) cast the first stone. Otherwise, STFU. (I’m not certain he said that last part, but he should have). People need to pick their battles when it comes to being offended. It’s gotten to the point where it is SO easy to offend that people just give up trying not to. What’s the point? No matter what you say or do, someone will be offended by it.

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