The 17 Worst Parts Of Being An Adult In The Summer

    Summertime and the livin' isn't easy.

    1. No longer having a summer break.

    2. Dealing with the heat because you're worried about the power bill.

    3. Being hyper-aware of all the pee in pools and in water parks.

    4. Hearing the ice cream truck go by and knowing you will look like a weirdo if you run after it.

    5. Getting a sunburn then dealing with it at work.

    6. Being bombarded with pics from your friends awesome vacations.

    7. The influx of tourists if you live in a city that attracts them.

    8. Dreading the beach because you know it will be packed.

    9. You're now that person who warns people about fireworks.

    10. The danger that is getting drunk in the sun.

    11. If you have kids, summer is all about making sure they have fun and have stuff to do.

    12. Wearing nice clothes and getting pit stains.

    13. Worrying about your body during bathing suit season.

    14. Wanting to eat all the yummy snacks you ate as a kid but no longer having the metabolism.

    15. Needing to save your vacation days for the holidays.

    16. No longer getting excited about summer blockbusters.

    17. Being reminded that you are getting older with every passing summer.

    Hey, but at least the traffic is good during the summer. Plus, pretty soon the youth will follow in your footsteps.