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This Is The Most Awesomely Bad Thanksgiving Dinner Ever

But don't worry, it's supposed to be.

Photographer Chris Maggio, AKA Male Chef, takes anti-food porn pics and is hilariously wonderful at it. He was commissioned by Food Republic to take a crack at Thanksgiving this year, and the result is Male Chef Thanksgiving. Enjoy.

Yum! Powerade marinated turkey.

Nothing beats pasta, cocktail onions, and wrapped candies.


Steve Jobs approved.

Canned cranberry sauce with grilled pineapple and olives? Count me in!

Cauliflower with a side of a poster of rocks.

This is where Milhouse's dad goes for Thanksgiving.

Just because they're frozen doesn't make them any less edible.


I have no clue what these are... rigatoni?

Dig in, fellas!

This is actually a brilliant idea.

Getty ready for seconds, amirite?

Pump-key pie. I get it.

Frozen shrimp just like the pilgrims ate.

Is the football edible?

Uncooked corn "hot dogs" with relish. Coming soon to a food truck near you.

Oh, hay guys. Happy Thanksgiving!

Check out more of Chris Maggio's work here.

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