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The 25 Most "YOLO" People Of 2013

They used up all the YOLO power, and are therefore the reason that the word is dead come 2014.

1. This man and his work of art.

2. This dog who defied society's rules.

3. This guy who knows how optometry works.

4. The person who gave these special instructions.

5. Jose Canseco

6. The winemaker who finally understood how to reach a younger audience.

7. The couple who know what's important in life.

8. The person who covered their car in velvet, because that is what they wanted to do so deal with it, OK?

9. The thieves who stole $500,000 worth of Red Bull, because they could.

10. This woman with the power of "invisibility."

11. The parents who revealed that they always had their priorities in check.

12. This dog in a sink with a pickle on its back.

13. This man who knows that where there is a will, there is a way.

14. This man who finally admitted his love for pumpkins and Miley Cyrus.

15. Rob Ford

16. This guy who reads Playboy like it should be read, which is out in the open.

17. This sensitive environmentalist.

18. This person who doesn't back out when losing a bet.

19. The parent who started to shape their child's interests early.

20. The person who finally asked for what they really wanted.

21. The no-bullshit owner of this gym.

22. These landscapers who found beauty in the leaves.

23. This guy who laughs in the face of danger.

Adam Steeves


I'm a known rebel #yolo

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24. The child who will be keeping it real for years to come.

25. And finally, Tom Hanks.