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25 Little Things Couples Inevitably Fight About

"I took out the trash last time, remember?"

1. Neither of you ever has any idea of what you want to eat for dinner.

MGM / Via

~You say Italian, I say Chinese. Let's call the whole thing off!~

2. When the person who never wants to drive insists in backseat driving.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Even with a smartphone and a GPS, one of you will be convinced that they know a "secret" route to get there faster, much to the other's chagrin.

3. Picking a movie to watch that both of you can agree on.

Colombia Pictures / Via

How are there a million options yet nothing to watch? This is why you two always end up just watching reruns of Chopped.

4. How long you should stay at a party.

NBC / Via

You don't want to be rude, but you also don't want to miss Boardwalk Empire. Decisions, decisions.

5. The proper way to load the dishwasher.


Forks up, knives down? Who cares as long as they get clean, right? RIGHT?

6. Looking for parking when running late.

Cartoon Network / Via

You want to keep looking because you think you can find something close by. They say they don't mind walking. You are both lying to yourselves.

7. Leaving drawers and cabinet doors slightly open.


It’s not that one of you is OCD, it’s more that one of you NEVER REMEMBERS TO CLOSE IT ALL THE WAY.

8. When one of you watches an episode of a show you both watch without the other one.

DreamWorks / Via

Just pretend like you ~had a feeling~ Ned Stark had it coming.

9. Drying your hands on the decorative towels.


If you thought a towel was just a towel, think again.

10. Eating something your S.O. was saving for later.

Bravo / Via

"Oh, that pasta? I thought it was fair game."

11. Doing laundry the "correct" way.

Gramercy Pictures / Via

From folding laundry to what settings to use, laundry is an ongoing Cold War between you two.

12. Taking out the trash late at night.

Warner Bros. / Via

"I know it smells like rotting fish, but can't I do it in the morning? There might be scary stuff out there!"

13. Being woken up by your partner's sleep habits.


Why do I look tired? Maybe because you snored liked a train and kept kicking me all night.

14. Leaving dirty clothes everywhere.


Yeah, I know there is a hamper for a reason, but taking off my clothes and leaving them right here just makes more sense.

15. Not changing the toilet paper roll after using the last of it.

How else do you think it gets there? Magic?!

16. Being a little too honest when responding to, "Does this look good on me?"

Disney/Marvel / Via

Yes. Always say yes. Who cares if it doesn't? JUST SAY YES.

17. Spending money on questionable purchases.


You bought what? For how much? You know we have to pay the light bill, right?

18. When one of you has a drink too many when they go out.

Universal Pictures / Via

"I'm embarrassing you? Well, sooooooorry, Mr. Grumpypants!"

19. Leaving the toilet seat up.

FX / Via

This is why men should just have a pee bush in the backyard. It would be a win-win situation for all parties involved.

20. When one of you is sick and acts like a complete baby.

Paramount pictures / Via

Sorry not sorry.

21. When one of you accidentally talks a little too much shit on the other person's family.


Just because I said my cousin was a ditz doesn't mean you can too. She's family, for Pete's sake.

22. Not being as enthusiastic as you should be when opening a present.

LogoTV / Via

"I love it. It's a... what is this exactly?"

23. Farting when you're trying to be funny.

Disney / Via

LOLOLOL... Wait. Just no.

24. Getting caught not listening during a conversation.

ABC / Via

I've been listening this entire time. But just in case, could you start again?

25. When you argue about who loves the other more.

Focus Features / Via

But at least this argument ends in love, no matter what.

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