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25 Little Things Couples Inevitably Fight About

"I took out the trash last time, remember?"

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2. When the person who never wants to drive insists in backseat driving.

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Even with a smartphone and a GPS, one of you will be convinced that they know a "secret" route to get there faster, much to the other's chagrin.


3. Picking a movie to watch that both of you can agree on.

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How are there a million options yet nothing to watch? This is why you two always end up just watching reruns of Chopped.

6. Looking for parking when running late.

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You want to keep looking because you think you can find something close by. They say they don't mind walking. You are both lying to yourselves.


21. When one of you accidentally talks a little too much shit on the other person's family.


Just because I said my cousin was a ditz doesn't mean you can too. She's family, for Pete's sake.


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