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    21 Things You Probably Didn't Know About eBay

    I can't get no satisfAUCTION.

    1. It was founded by Pierre Omidyar, who became a billionaire at age 31 when eBay offered its IPO in 1998.

    Pierre Omidyar / Via Getty Images

    2. Originally, Omidyar wanted the domain, but when he found out that domain was already in use he simply changed it to eBay.

    Justin Sullivan / Via Getty Images

    3. The first item ever sold on the site was a broken laser pointer.


    4. Not only does eBay own both StubHub and PayPal, it also owns many other companies such as and

    5. In 2008, Ian Usher sold his "entire life" on eBay for roughly $325,000.

    6. The entire town of Bridgeville, Calif., was sold not once but twice on the site.

    In 2002 for $700,000 and then again in 2006 for $1.25 million.

    7. The most expensive item ever sold was a Frank Mulder-designed Gigayacht for $168,000,000.

    8. Over 2 billion transactions happen on the site daily, which equates to about $2,000 every second.

    Bruno Vincent / Via Getty Images

    9. The best time to sell items is between 6:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., since that is when people are most likely to be browsing with a few cocktails in them.

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    10. The original background color was yellow, and when it was switched to white customers complained. So it was switched back, and then changed it from a paler and paler yellow every day until it was white again.

    11. In 2002, NASA was forced to buy processors off of eBay since Intel no longer produced the ones it needed.

    Neilson Barnard / Via Getty Images

    12. One out of every three dollars spent on sneakers on eBay is for Nike Air Jordans.


    13. The most searched item on the site is the iPhone 4.


    14. As an eBay member you can get free co-branded boxes courtesy of the United States Postal Service.

    15. When Google's Gmail was in beta-testing in 2004, some eBay users auctioned off invites to the email service for around $60.

    16. A new species of sea urchin was discovered when it was being auctioned off on the site.

    17. There is a section for recipes that people actually bid on.


    18. Justin Hawkins, frontman for The Darkness, once bought a leaked copy of the band's forthcoming album on eBay in order to track down who had stolen it.

    Scott Gries / Via Getty Images

    19. Singer James Blunt once auctioned off his sister on eBay as a "damsel in distress" in order to get her a ride to a funeral in Ireland. The winner, who had a helicopter, eventually married her.

    Chris Jackson / Via Getty Images

    20. There is a policy of not being able sell things that don't physically exist, so good luck trying to sell your soul.

    21. And most importantly, you can purchase an autograph of BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti for $49.99! With free shipping to boot!