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    25 Dads With Daughters Who Are Doing It Right


    1. (Dads + Daughters) x Dates = Mind-numbingly adorable.

    2. Seriously, nothing is cuter.

    3. I mean, look at the smiles ON BOTH OF THEM.

    4. I think these two are ready and excited for their date.

    5. Just chillin' at the restaurant, making everyone around say, "Awww."

    6. C'mon, can this get any sweeter?

    7. Yes, it can.

    8. A little dad and daughter fishing date will catch you all the compliments.

    9. Mini-golf date? I DIE.

    10. BRB, buying the future daughter I would like to have one day a bowling alley.

    11. Oh, nothing to see here. Except the raddest daughter/daddy duo in Bishop and Blink cosplay.

    12. The dads and daughters that Ninja Turtle together stay together.

    13. See?!?!

    14. Who could ask for a better date for a night of theater?

    15. Or at a concert?

    16. An ice cream date is always a great date idea when it comes to dads and daughters.

    17. Selfie time?

    18. Yep. Selfie time.

    19. And who can resist not getting choked up when you see a dad and daughter dancing? NO ONE, THAT'S WHO!

    20. Just remember, no matter where you're going...

    21. ...or how old you are...

    22. ...or how silly you get...

    23. ...she...

    24. ...will always be...

    25. ...your best girl.


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