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30 Images You'll Never Ever Be Able To Erase From Your Memory

What is seen can never be unseen. Sorry to do this to you.

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1. The nipple clamps on this stunned looking sign.

2. Mick Fleetwood's "balls" on the Rumours album.

Warner Bros. / Via

3. Stephen Colbert's uneven ears.

Getty Images Jason Merritt

4. Garfunkel's mustache on the cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Colombia Records.

5. Joaquin Phoenix's forehead face in Her.

Warner Bros. / Via

6. The MiO logo.

7. The Joker, er, clown face in this scene from The Dark Knight Rises.

Warner Bros. / Via

8. The Super Mario background on the old Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

NBC / Via

9. The fact that the inner logo in the Cadillac emblem isn't centered.

10. How cat paws look like teddy bears.

11. The Toblerone bear.

12. SpongeBob SquarePants' sad cheeks.

Nickleodeon / Via

13. The Nintendo 64's hidden koala face.

14. Just what kind of "cereal" the Nesquik rabbit is eating.

15. The lowercase "n."

16. The cloud versions of Elsa and her father in Frozen.


17. Fletchling's backward penguin eye.

18. How Karl Urban in Star Trek looks like a sad kitty.

Paramount Pictures / Via

19. How Toad is working with Google now.

20. How Nathan Fillion + Danial Craig = Jeremy Renner.

21. How the Property Brothers are dopplegängers for Tulio and Miguel in The Road to El Dorado.

HGTV/DreamWorks Pictures / Via

22. The face in Galactus' helmet.


23. How the kids from the The Magic Schoolbus grew up to be the kids from Captain Planet.

Scholastic Entertainment/Turner Entertainment / Via

24. Hugh Laurie's tiny brow-nose.


25. This gong that may or may not be Futurama-inspired.

Fox / Via

26. The flying unicorn in The Dark Knight Rises poster.

Warner Bros. / Via

27. Kim Possible's mustache.

Disney / Via

28. This piece of witchcraft.

Warner Bros./Fox / Via

29. Colonel Sanders' bow tie body.

30. And finally...

LucasFilms/Summit Entertainment. / Via

Hope you have wonderful day!

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