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Posted on Dec 17, 2013

How Big Of A Dick Are You?

Well, are you?

  1. 1. Do you like Nickelback?

    Jan Hetfleisch / Getty Images
  2. 2. Could you be friends with this guy?

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images
  3. 3. You go on a date. Who pays?

    Disney / Via
  4. 4. Would you wear this?

  5. 5. Do you respond to missed calls and emails quickly?

    Flickr: ravh
  6. 6. Do you hold the door open for people?

    Flickr: sackton
  7. 7. How do you feel about gourmet food?

  8. 8. An asteroid is hurtling towards Earth and you have one last day. How do you spend it?

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via
  9. 9. Your S.O. says "I love you" for the first time. What do you do?

    Flickr: camdiluv
  10. 10. A random person across the street trips and falls. You:


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