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45 Best Vine Fails Of 2013

Because nothing says, "Happy New Year!" like a slap to the face.

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1. The girl who forgot she told her friend to come over later.

2. This girl who realized the saying "No pain, no gain" is far too true.

3. The guy who thought he was the next Channing Tatum.

4. The girl who now knows never to trust the word of an adult.

5. This woman who proves Mary Poppins had a twisted sense of humor.

6. The girl who Vined herself lip-synching the "hits."

7. The person who came up with the perfect plan to get a new oven.

8. This dude who never got to play in the ball pit as a child.

9. This little girl who can't hide how she feels about Despicable Me.

10. This boy whose own bed hates him.

11. This girl who proves why you don't mess with dad when he's doing the dishes.

12. The guy who came to the conclusion that pink wasn't his color.

13. This girl who found out the hard way that her head was not made of steel.

14. This lady who hates trash monsters.

15. This guy who doesn't understand load-bearing objects.

16. The guy who "never misses."

17. The guy who is awful at Smack Cam.

18. The kid who loved Woody Harrelson in White Men Can't Jump.

19. The guy who almost literally scared the shit out of this girl.

20. This future lil' R. Kelly.

21. The guy who just now realized why his parents never let him go to the Discovery Zone.

22. This cheerleader who has an ongoing battle with her foe, Mr. Gravity.

23. This girl who hates marriage.

24. This dog who hates being filmed.

25. This girl who forgot they weren't synchronized swimming.

26. The kid who was attacked by a roving door frame.

27. The guy doing his best "Wrecking Ball" homage.

28. This future Scripps National Spelling Bee contestant.

29. The mom who is about to ground the crap out of her daughter.

30. The girl who regrets ordering the venti iced tea.

31. This lawn surfer catching some grass.

32. This girl who spells "gullible" V-I-N-E-F-A-I-L.

33. The man who should be more careful when singing in his car.

34. These girls who are really into maximizing space.

35. The guy with a white tiger comforter.

36. These girls who don't understand basic physics.

37. This lady who is great at upstaging people.

38. The guy who's super excited about being a pirate.

39. This girl who is surprisingly cool with her farts.

40. The dude who let this other dude have it his way.

41. This couple who didn't learn anything from watching that other video of people running into each other with big bouncy balls.

42. The guy who forgot he wasn't very skilled at jumping.

43. The boy who confessed that there was another woman in his life.

44. The girl who fell for the oldest trick in the book.

45. The boy who didn't realize there was anybody else home.