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29 Reasons Your Taco Bell Addiction Is Out Of Control

Taco to the hand.

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1. You keep a designated change compartment in your car for Taco Bell emergencies.

2. Your blood type is Type-O Fire Sauce.

3. Nothing will ever stop you from getting your fix. NOTHING.

4. The search history in your maps looks like this:

5. You actually believe that the hot sauce packets are speaking directly to you.

6. You can't count how many times you've woke up like dis.

7. The employees who work there know you by name.

8. You are always the first in line to try the newest menu item.

BTW, this is also your idea of math.

9. You felt betrayed when they started selling Baja Blast in stores.

This is ours! Not yours! OURS!!!

10. You get mad when people exclaim that it's not "real" Mexican food.

Duh, like we don't know? Of course it's not Mexican food, it's something even better.

11. The only thing that can get you out of bed is their new breakfast menu.

12. Even when you're single, you're never really alone.

You're always there for me, Taco Bell, so I'll always be there for you.

13. You remember exactly where you were the day the Doritos Locos Taco was announced.

14. You've wasted more money trying to win free tacos than you've actually spent on tacos.

15. You know that instead of cake, you are serving these for dessert at your wedding.

16. This is what your car looks like.

17. You know that no sunset is complete without a Taco Bell sign in the foreground.

18. You feel accomplished every time one of these gives you a brain freeze.

19. The Big Box is never big enough for you.

20. You can't stand when people order pizza at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

21. This is your idea of a double date.

22. This is how you know you've found the one.

23. You can never hide your excitement every time you arrive at a Taco Bell.

24. You've lost a lot of friends over this debate.

25. You know all the precautions to take before going hard at the Bell.


26. This is how you layer in the fall.

27. You get super offended when people don't know the difference between a gordita and a chalupa.

As if.

28. It's the only place that can make you feel like a baller.

29. And you know that this is the truth:

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